The Energy Codes: 7-Step System to Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life

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Love not only resides within us, it is us. You, the Soul, are made of love. Training your mind to find and magnify the real you—the you that is love—unleashes the greatest power of transformation on Earth. – Dr. Sue Morter, The Energy Codes

An incredible body of work. That’s how I would describe what Dr. Sue Morter does. As the subtitle suggests, The Energy Codes is more than just a book you read, which is already awesome by itself for the wisdom it passes to the reader. But it is indeed a “system” to:

Awaken Your Spirit – Dr. Sue uses plain English to explain the traditional concepts of spirituality such as the awakening process, the difference between living from the ego and your soul, and how you can shift towards it.

Heal Your Body – the book includes a TON of body exercises at the end of each code in the 7-step system.

The Energy Codes are:

    1. Anchoring Code
    2. Feeling Code
    3. Clearing Code
    4. Heart Code
    5. Breath Code
    6. Chemistry Code
    7. Spirit Code

If you’re into Yoga, familiar with the chakras, and other energy healing modalities, you’re going to appreciate how Dr. Sue integrates them all into this unified system — BodyAwake Yoga, which you’ll also learn from the book, including access to a resource page that contains video tutorials and other support materials. It’s a total body workshop, I’m telling you.

And that’s what I personally found helpful in The Energy Codes — embodiment: how you can embody your soul so it can experience what it came here for — you, living your best life.

Let’s activate the codes!

bioenergy code
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The Protective Personality and the Soulful Self

When we struggle, it is not because we are flawed or unworthy, but because we are trying to solve problems, pain, and challenges using the very forces that generated them: the mind and the Protective Personality.

Until we know ourselves to be energy, or spirit, we believe that we are the body and/or the mind. This single misperception about our identity causes us untold suffering and is at the heart of every problem we have in life.

Reminds me of the message that stood out in a talk delivered by Panache Desai: “You cannot transform at the level of the mind.”

It’s the same message that Dr. Sue is telling us, that we’re trying to solve problems using the same mind that generated them.

How does the mind generate problems? From its wrong perception, thinking it is separate from everything. From this perspective, the mind then fabricates stories about who you think you are.

It tells you that you’re alone and so you don’t feel safe. You then develop this false self that you identify with — what Dr. Sue calls your “Protective Personality,” — the you that is constantly on guard against threats, on the lookout for external places where you aren’t getting approval, acceptance, and love.

To the mind, this false sense of “safety” is the first priority. So it gets in the way of having what you truly want in your life.

Chasing your dreams? Nope, too risky. “Safety” first.

Intimate relationship? Nope, that requires openness and vulnerability. “Safety” first.

Fulfilling career? Nope, there’s no money in doing what you love. “Safety” first.

And that safety, rather than providing protection, is causing much of your suffering. Why? Because not only does it separate you from what you want, it also separates you from your true nature — what Dr. Sue calls your “Soulful Self” — who you really are.

And who you really are is your soul, an energy being. That’s what The Energy Codes are for, reminding you who you really are and what you are made of, so you can embody your Soulful Self and live from it.

The Energy Codes help you integrate your Protective Personality with your Soulful Self and shift from separation to integration to facilitate the healing of every aspect of your life.

The Energy Codes sue morter

The Quantum Flip

This means we must go beyond knowing intellectually that we are energy or spirit, and actually embody our energetic or spiritual nature. We must literally bring our energy to life within the physical body and identify as that energy.

As you will see, embodiment of the Soulful Self involves building new circuitry—circuitry within the body along which the energy of the Soulful Self can flow, and circuitry within the body and the brain that enables the mind to perceive that energy. Living as the Soulful Self comes down to circuitry—having the communication and sensory circuitry in place to sense, anchor, and activate within the body the energy that is who we truly are.

The shift in perspective from the Protective Personality to the Soulful Self, Dr. Sue refers to it as “The Quantum Flip.” It’s the “miracle” that A Course in Miracles points to as well: the shift from ego to soul, from fear to love.

To make it simple, Dr. Sue compares it to the sides of a coin: the back side (Protective Personality) and the front side (Soulful Self). It’s important to note here that though they are opposite to each other, the back and the front are both sides of the same coin. They are not separate.

And though the Quantum Flip is instantaneous, Dr. Sue says the shift passes through 3 stages:

Stage 1: Victimhood – survival mode; life happens to us and there’s nothing else we can do about it. Life is a struggle.

Stage 2: Self-Help – trying to get out of the survival mode; life happens to us but we know there’s something we can do. We fix what we think is wrong. We solve problems, but we only get better at problem-solving. We improve at the level of doing, not being.

Stage 3: Creatorship – the flip to the front side of the coin, the side you’re seeing from the Soulful Self; seeing that there was never a problem in the first place because the challenges you face in life are there to serve you. From that viewpoint, you are empowered to take your part in the process of co-creating new life experiences.

The Energy Codes sue morter

And while it brings about enlightenment, the work involved in The Energy Codes is more about embodiment — making the mind collaborate with the body and the spirit by building a new “circuitry,” as Dr. Sue calls it — circuitry along which the energy of the Soulful Self can flow and that which enables the mind to perceive that energy.

Five Energy Codes Truths

The mind is externally focused, so our energy disperses outward, away from our core. When living in the Soulful Self, our energy is focused inward and concentrated in our core, where we perceive ourselves as energy beings, whole and complete.

To increase awareness of our Soulful Self in our life, we need to increase our awareness of it in our body and biofield. Therefore we want to increase the photon density of the Soulful Self by putting our mind’s attention on our core. We want to go from being externally focused to internally focused—from looking outside of ourselves to sense how others perceive us, to looking within ourselves to sense and feel who we really are. Only then do we awaken to and become who we really are.

The Energy Codes system closely resembles the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza, both pertaining to the quantum field and both aiming to increase our awareness of it. While Dr. Joe uses meditation as the primary tool for Becoming Supernatural, Dr. Sue engages more with the body to turn your attention inward and become aware of the energy of your Soulful Self.

The objective is to reach Stage 3 (Creatorship) where you become the creator of the life you want. To accomplish that, Dr. Sue lays 5 foundational truths we must have in our awareness:

Truth #1: Everything is energy – energy in varying wavelengths, vibrating at different frequencies. Because everything is energy, there is nothing that is not energy. And everything is interconnected in one unified field. Nothing can be separate from or outside of it.

Truth #2: Your life is a reflection of your energy – a reflection of your consciousness, of your thoughts and emotions that attract life experiences of similar vibration.

Truth #3: You are the creator of your life – what you focus on becomes your reality. Dr. Sue talks about the concept of “photon density,” which Dr. Joe refers to as The Observer Effect. It’s the same principle behind the Law of Attraction in metaphysical terms.

The Electromagnetic Signature is also a noteworthy key to manifesting. Dr. Sue adds that it’s not determined not only by our conscious focus (what we’re aware of), but also by what’s going on in our subconscious mind (what we’re unaware of).

Truth #4: Your creation – your life – is always expanding – you are always evolving and everything that happens in your life is serving that purpose. Though it may not always seem or feel that way, it is. You are only waking up to this truth, more and more.

Truth #5: The purpose of your life is to discover your creatorship – your experiences help you discover more of your Soulful Self from which you can create your life. From the Soulful Self’s perspective, you create at the energy level (quantum field) rather than the story of your Protective Personality.

The Energy Codes sue morter

The Bus Stop Conversation

Looking at our lives through this larger perspective, we see that we are actually quite amazing for having created exactly what we need for our own desired expansion and the discovery of our own depths of beauty, strength, kindness, courage, loving, and so on—in other words, the many facets of our magnificence.

In relation to Truth #4 and Truth #5 of The Energy Codes, Dr. Sue invites us to view our lives as “Project Awakening,” a project our souls have chosen before incarnating here on Earth for the purpose of awakening to our true nature and discover more of who we are.

Imagine there’s a bus stop in the spirit world, the last stop where all souls bound for Earth (it’s a popular choice of destination for many souls) gather to meet other passengers. There, you get to talk about your plans and agendas for your human life experience.

The conversation among souls includes what you want to learn about (e.g. wisdom, courage, empathy, or other facets of love — the essence of your soul) and how you wish to have that learning experience. This is commonly known as the “theme” of your project.

For example, your soul chose the theme of forgiveness. You could have pre-designed certain life events where forgiveness will be called for. Check out Scott Stabile’s story in Big Love, which exemplifies this life theme.

And then, other souls at the bus stop who have chosen the same life theme (forgiveness) sign up with Scott for the experience. We call it the “soul contract” and those souls become “soul mates” for that project. Those souls incarnate as Scott’s parents and the murderer, depending on the role they wish to assume.

You see, it becomes a totally different experience if viewed from that higher Soulful Self’s perspective, rather than the “story of murder.”

So now, how can you reframe your perspective through that larger lens? What could be the overarching theme that is presenting itself in your various experiences? What if the people in your life are the souls you met at the bus stop and you are now playing the roles you all signed up for?

The Energy Codes sue morter

The Energy Codes Flow

To make the Quantum Flip to embodying the Soulful Self and experiencing a more peaceful, flowing, and joyous life, we must eliminate gaps, densities, or interferences in the energy field and return it to its optimum flow. As I always say, “If it isn’t flowing in your life, it’s because it isn’t flowing in your body!” And, “If it isn’t flowing in your body, it won’t be flowing in your life!”

Love how Dr. Sue captured the essence of embodiment: “If it isn’t flowing in your body, it won’t be flowing in your life.”

If happiness, abundance, joy, passion, and love are not flowing in your life, it’s because happiness, abundance, joy, passion, and love are not flowing in your body.

Current is the flow of energy. Dr. Sue says that for current to flow, we must activate the “circuitry” in our bioenergetic bodies (We learned from Earthing that we do have a “bioelectrical” body).

Interestingly, Dr. Sue suggests that what prevents the flow are “gaps” rather than “blockages.” The bioenergetic circuitry of the body is offline because the mind is not aware of it. So we have to activate the connection between the biology of the body and the energy of the soul. Eastern traditions call it nadis, the energy meridians; and chakras, the energy centers of the body.

energy codes chakra

The activation happens through conscious body exercises — that is making the mind consciously aware of the breath along with the movements and postures (asanas) of the body, which are specific to each Energy Code.

In doing the exercises, you deliberately create the tension, or “resistance” as Dr. Sue calls it, in certain body parts by contracting their muscle group and you tune into that sensation as you move your breaths throughout the body.

The Energy Codes sue morter

The Seven Energy Codes

The seven Energy Codes are the road map for living as the Soulful Self. They will help you to heal mental, emotional, and physical dysfunctions; create balance and well-being in every area of your life; and live your true nature and divine purpose.

Each Energy Code corresponds to a chakra and Dr. Sue does a great job explaining in the book each chakra, the areas of the body affected by it, and the specific practices, breathwork, and Yoga poses that will activate it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the seven Energy Codes:

  1. The Anchoring Code: Getting Back in Your Body
  • The first step to shifting from identification with the mind by turning our attention inward to the body and “anchoring” or grounding our awareness there.

energy code anchoring code

  1. The Feeling Code: The Language of the Soul
  • Sensing and feeling the energy shifts taking place within the body, developing the dialogue between our soul and our mind.

energy code feeling code

  1. The Clearing Code: The Healing Power of the Subconscious
  • Learning how to open the door to our subconscious, clear the unresolved issues that are trapped there, and reclaim the energy for living in our wholeness as the Soulful Self.

energy code clearing code

  1. The Heart Code: The Universal Solvent
  • Using the higher frequency energy of the Soulful Self, which is love, to dissolve lower frequency energetic densities of the Protective Personality.

energy code heart code

  1. The Breath Code: The Power of Life Itself
  • Breath is the spirit in physical form. Here we learn to systematically breathe the energy of the Soulful Self into the parts of ourselves that are stuck and thus, awaken and heal them.

energy code breath code

  1. The Chemistry Code: The Alchemy of Embodiment
  • The key for effectively shifting our physiology from “threatened” to “safe,” from the Protective Personality to the Soulful Self; helps us create an optimal environment to make us “at home” with ourselves

energy code chemistry code

  1. The Spirit Code: Where the Many Become One
  • For stilling the thinking mind and becoming truly present so we can perceive the communication with our Soulful Self and act accordingly; helps us in getting into the Creatorship stage.

energy code spirit code

You can find detailed instructions for the exercises in the book and on the additional online resources page.

The Energy Codes sue morter

Central Channel and The Four Anchor Points

Whenever we have an attachment to something, we hold our energy. We want to get used to moving energy, not holding on to it, so we can be in a state of flow and nonattachment while remaining anchored in our body. This optimal state creates greater space for creativity, love, and a sense of well-being that is not reliant on external circumstance or validation.

This is an important practice to master since it’s not only the foundation, it’s also incorporated into the rest of body exercises. Not only will you find it useful in The Energy Codes, but also in other energy healing modalities. Anchoring or grounding is essential to any spiritual practice in becoming super, being human.

There are four anchor points or “locks” to remember:

central channel

    1. Mula bandha or “Root Lock” – focusing your awareness on the base of the spine to gather dispersed energies in your system and tether them there
    2. Squeeze the Heart – shifting further your awareness from outside to inside, drawing conscious energy to the heart center to activate calmness, relaxation, healing, and love
    3. Constrict the Throat – constricting the air passages, feeling and hearing the breath as it passes through; breathing should make a noticeable sound on the inhale and the exhale, like that of Darth Vader
    4. The Pineal Gland – to help you recognize yourself as the one behind the eyes, the awareness beneath the seeing

Disease as a Placeholder

A trauma or disease is only there to help us find the circuitry we need to turn on in order to keep becoming the greatest version of ourselves. Harnessing this is about more than just healing; it is also about conscious evolution of the soul.

I used to have this nerve issue in my arms and legs related to hyperthyroidism, and this recurring muscle ache on my right shoulder that, like what most people do, I ignored as much as I could.

It wasn’t until “the shift” happened that I’ve become mindful of them and offered them my loving attention, which initiated their healing. Combined with the healing modalities I share with you, they all have completely healed. My overall health has never been better — even better before I had hyperthyroidism.

This is how Dr. Sue wants us to deal with a physical disease, that it’s our Soulful Self’s way of calling our mind’s attention. As a placeholder, it points to the area where there is “blockage” or energy gap, where the circuitry is offline and requires our awareness to activate it.

Echoing the lovely message of Anthony William in Medical Medium, Dr. Sue reminds us that it’s not your fault. Your body is not against you. It is actually working for you in service to your soul. Having a disease means your soul’s guidance is working!

Come to think of it, physical diseases also get you grounded. What The Energy Codes and other healing modalities do is shift your grounding from the pain of Protective Personality to the presence of the Soulful Self.

That’s the shift: from pain to presence.

The Energy Codes sue morter

The Universal Solvent

To heal the body, we have to be in the body. To heal most powerfully and quickly, we have to be in the body in love. The vibrational frequency associated with love is the ultimate healing energy—a universal salve that repairs all it touches. Love is the great neutralizer; it brings the mind, body, and breath into coherence. The energy creates an all-consuming bonfire in the heart space. Any issue, any problem, any dispersal, any interference that we can feed into that fire of love gets transformed by love’s vibrational frequency.

Ooh, love this one! Reminds me of an all-time favorite insight from Dr. Barbara De Angelis in her book, The Choice for Love, where she describes love as “The Ultimate Diluter.”

In the same light, Dr. Sue pictures love like a bonfire in the heart space that transmutes anything you feed into it: Confusion turns into clarity; hate into forgiveness; prejudice into understanding; separation into connection.

Speaking of separation, which is the root of all diseases, Dr. Sue also makes a distinction between being unattached and detached. She says unattachment is not attaching to any particular outcome; the focus is on the act of loving, not its result. Detachment, on the other hand, is separating not only from the outcome, but also from the act of loving. Hence, it separates you from the essence of your Soulful Self, which is love.

The Heart Code practices particularly heal that separation and bring you back into your core essence. Dr. Sue says that when we land in the core of our being, love is easy to experience because it’s what we’re made of.

When we are anchored in love and unattached to outcomes, we’ll be able to share love unconditionally, which amplifies the experience we all came here to have.

The Energy Codes sue morter

Life on the Front Side

Using the Energy Codes, you come home into your body and learn to feel your truth from within. You establish yourself in your core, learning to live from the Soulful Self as you expand into a greater capacity for love. You breathe more life into your cells, animating the space between as you awaken your true creative potential. And finally, you connect fully with Spirit, opening your system to embrace a greater version of yourself as you embody the truth that you are made of love, and that everything in this life is working in your favor.

We’ve come to the end, or rather “the other side,” and yet, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Sue covers a whole lot more in the book, on the additional resources page, and there’s also an in-depth online course available if you wish to dive deeper and fully experience The Energy Codes.

In doing The Energy Codes practices, I appreciate that Dr. Sue mentions we learn differently, to each his own pace and style. In The Spirit Code, she includes procedures for a visual learner (like me), a kinesthetic learner, and an auditory learner, so you get to choose what works best for you.

All of which have the ultimate goal of making the shift into living as the Soulful Self — just living, just loving — with your mind on the backseat simply observing whatever is unfolding in your life every moment.

You can approach the future with a complete sense of comfort, knowing that, when you get to each moment, you will know exactly what to do, because you will approach it in the same way you are, right now, approaching this moment—without conditions, attachments, judgments, rejections, or fear.

On the Front Side, you will have reached the destination you’ve set for yourself at the bus stop. Your destiny is to experience the Divine Love that you are in human form, to experience “Heaven on Earth.”

You’re here now. You have arrived.

And yet, truly, living as your Soulful Self has only just begun!

energy code courseThe Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life

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PS: Thank you for taking the time to read. Tell me, what insight most resonated with you?

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SUE MORTER is an international speaker, master of bioenergetic medicine, and quantum field visionary. She teaches the retraining of the nervous system and subtle energy system of the body through a process called Embodiment. Through her Energy Codes and BodyAwake Yoga seminars and retreats, and her BodyAwake video series, she illuminates the relationships among quantum thoughts, energy medicine, and healing through the repatterning of the nerve impulses through the body by use of the mind and deep breathwork. She retrains the brain, shifts old memory patterns, and then teaches us how to move beyond the brain for sustainable healing. Her ultimate goal and life purpose is to awaken divinity within humanity.

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