How to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

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You didn’t cause your illness. Your body’s not letting you down. You’re not to blame. You can move forward. You can heal. – Anthony William, Medical Medium: Thyroid Healing

“How to Heal Your Thyroid Naturally.” It was more than a decade ago, but I can still recall when that message popped-up on my computer screen. My prayers must have been heard when I half-jokingly pleaded for Pope John Paul II’s intercession during the times of deliberation for his sainthood; that I, too, may be included in his miracles because I was desperately needing one — a cure to my hyperthyroidism. (Yup, that’s why this particular topic on thyroid healing)

It was that fateful incident that has led me to where I am now and still heading — The Path to Awesomeness, a never-ending journey of healing, an ever-unfolding path of becoming.

And just when I thought I have it all figured out when it comes to health, the Divine has once again intervened, much to my delight and favor.

While searching for references, I stumbled upon this “Medical Medium,” which says that the Spirit is working through him to help with people’s health challenges. Being the health advocate and Ultraspiritual (JP Sears’ spiritual term) that I am, I was intrigued. When I later discovered he has an entire book on thyroid healing, I knew it was a gem.

Although my approach to healing has evolved and is now geared towards energy-based modalities, there’s no denying that matter-based therapy still works. If you got your foot stabbed with a nail, you wouldn’t meditate or tap a pressure point to heal your wound, would you? And you wouldn’t demagnetize the nail either, hah! It’s obvious enough that you only need to pull it out, and afterward, your body will initiate its healing.

Now, what if all this time, unbeknownst to us, there’s a “nail” stuck inside us that’s causing all the mysterious illnesses that plague us? That what we call “autoimmune” with many different labels is not the disease itself, but merely a symptom? That what needs to be done instead is to get rid of the nail?

These and many more truths you’d be surprised to find out from this one-of-a-kind resource.

Your Body Loves You

Rest assured, your symptoms and illness are not your fault.

You did not create your illness. You did not attract or manifest it. You did not imagine it. You’re not sick because you’re crazy, lazy, weak-willed, defective, or bored. You did not bring your symptoms upon yourself by thinking the wrong thoughts or fixating too much on fear. You don’t come from a faulty family line. You are not subconsciously holding yourself back from healing because you secretly crave the attention of being sick. Your suffering is not a punishment from God or the universe, or karma coming back to get you for something you did in this or any other lifetime.

Similarly, your body has not let you down. Thyroid symptoms and illnesses are not your body rebelling against you. It would never betray you. All your body does is work night and day to support you—because your body loves you unconditionally.

thank you meme man with glasses crying

That really touched a soft spot in me. Like, I never thought I needed to hear it from someone else. My body has been yearning to tell me that. Thank you, Anthony.

Before any breakthrough knowledge, first and foremost, we need to have that shift in the way we relate to our bodies.

So please allow me to repeat it to you: Your body loves you, unconditionally.

Take a long pause and let it sink in…

Anthony is asking us to stop blaming ourselves, our bodies, because it is not our fault. He says it is this blame game that puts us in trouble. Because we can’t pinpoint the real cause and the true nature of illnesses, our body was left to blame. We came up with the notion that the body is, therefore, attacking itself — so-called “autoimmune.”

But, as Anthony writes in the case of thyroid disease:

Here’s the pivotal truth that goes by unnoticed in medical journals, on the Internet, and in the latest literature: A thyroid problem is not the ultimate reason for a person’s illness. A problematic thyroid is yet one more symptom.

The Real Culprit

Thyroid ailments are so much bigger than this one small gland in the neck. Thyroid problems don’t explain the myriad issues a person may experience; the thyroid is not the ultimate connection that makes it all make sense. It’s something much more pervasive in the body, something invasive, that’s responsible for the laundry list of symptoms attributed to thyroid disease: the thyroid virus.

The virus causes many symptoms and conditions beyond what’s associated with the thyroid, and so, in fact, all of your health problems may point back to this single source.

You’re ready for this?

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV). <<<- that is the real culprit.

Yep, it’s a virus! Originally, it used to be an ally doing beneficial stuff for our bodies. Then, we got exposed to a lot of harmful agents that it needed to protect itself. And so it adapted, evolved, mutated until one day it decided they are no longer friends with us. Thus, began its invasion, just waiting for triggers (Anthony lists them in the book) to attack the body.

“Thyroid virus” is quite a misnomer because it is also responsible for a host of other illnesses misidentified as “autoimmune” — certain types of cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), multiple sclerosis (MS), Candida, Lyme disease, eczema, psoriasis, to name a few.

Then, there’s for thyroid when the EBV enters stage three — Hashimoto Thyroiditis or hypothyroidism, Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism — labels I’m much familiar with.

Anthony covers the detailed scientific explanation in the book, but this basic information is good enough to put us on the right track in claiming our health back. Now, we can correctly address the problem because we’ve finally determined the real cause.

To sum it up, it’s not the body attacking itself. It’s a virus attacking the body.

Thyroid Truth

Your thyroid’s true function and purpose is actually much more interesting than the modern medical understanding of it. Truth is, your thyroid is your body’s data center. It is your second brain. And here’s the kicker: Even when it’s been damaged by the Epstein-Barr virus or surgically removed, your thyroid can still do this main job. And since the rest of the endocrine system is so advanced, too, it can fill in for the rest.

After all these years, we’ve settled into believing that the thyroid’s main function is regulating our metabolism. Turns out it’s not, but it’s somehow tied into its true purpose — that is, being the body’s data center.

Anthony explains that the thyroid monitors and maintains homeostasis (equilibrium or balance) in your body. It collects and records data about what’s functioning well and what’s not, what’s toxic and what’s healthy for you.

Acting as the second brain, the thyroid uses its memory of the body’s homeostasis in sending out radio-like frequencies (not yet studied by science) to delegate tasks throughout the body to keep it in balance. For example, if the liver is not working optimally, the pancreas has to step up. The thyroid picks up this signal, then delivers the frequencies containing messages to the liver and the pancreas so they can function accordingly.

And take note, the great news here is that even when it’s been damaged by EBV or by RAI (Radioactive Iodine, a conventional thyroid treatment), or surgically removed, the thyroid can still do its job.

Thyroid Awesomeness

No matter how much or how little thyroid tissue you have, it is working for you. When you’re missing thyroid tissue, the living thyroid tissue you have left amps up its game. The cells learn to adapt, become stronger, and take on more responsibility, shielding themselves from future attacks of EBV because their numbers are limited. They do this by communicating with the thyroid’s personalized immune system, sending out distinctive radio-like frequencies to these special lymphocytes to indicate that they need extra protection.

I know someone who had his thyroid surgically removed and underwent RAI treatment, and I’ve been puzzled for a long time about how he’s able to function as if no harm was done to his body.

Finally, Anthony fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle. His well-explained answers in the book could be summed up in the following:

  • First, thyroid symptoms are viral, not hormonal. It’s not really the thyroid hormones (T3, T4, TSH or TRH) that are causing the problems, but the EBV that’s wreaking havoc on the thyroid.
  • Second, the body still believes it has the entire thyroid. After surgery or RAI, it still has remaining tissues around the edges (like walls to a house) that can function completely.
  • Third, there’s the adrenal glands to the rescue. Whenever needed, the adrenals produce their own tailor-made steroid blend to help replace the thyroid hormones and work similarly as the hormones do.

Can we take a pause right here to send back some love to our body for the incredible job it’s been doing for us? Uhmmm.. yeah, that’s it. Some more love, please.

The Real Equation

Ninety-eight percent of the time, cancer is caused by a virus and at least one type of toxin. There are many viruses that can be involved with cancer; EBV is one of them, and in combination with toxins, it’s the virus responsible for thyroid cancer. (EBV is also responsible for breast cancer, liver cancer, almost all lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, women’s reproductive cancers, leukemia, and many more.)

Viral problem, 98% of the time! Of course, we’re merely referring to the physical aspect of health here. But still, it’s a revelation. To identify and eliminate the major underlying cause of terminating illnesses is a huge one.

According to Anthony, here’s the real equation: Virus + Toxins = Cancer

Did you notice genes not being part of it? Because it’s not genetic, it’s viral. What’s passed on from generation to generation is the virus — EBV. (Insights from The Biology of Belief are noteworthy in this regard, stating that health is not determined by the genes but by the environment the cells have.)

This equation likely applies to a myriad of symptoms and conditions that Anthony devotes an entire chapter to. I looked into those that I’ve personally experienced such as:

  • Hyperthyroidism – EBV attacks the thyroid prompting it to create new cells and tissues, which then produce extra thyroid hormones
  • Thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid) – inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to any threat. In this case, it’s the EBV. The presence of thyroid antibodies is not an indication of the body attacking itself, but an obvious sign that the body is working hard to fight off the virus infecting the thyroid
  • Weight Loss – EBV release poisons that are allergenic to the body, thus alerting a constant flow of adrenaline, which translates to weight loss
  • Insomnia – not caused by a thyroid problem, but associated with it because both are due to viral attack; EBV disrupts neurotransmitters responsible for sleep patterns (More on sleep later)
  • Sensitivity to Cold, Excessive Sweating, Trembling Hands – caused by viral neurotoxins that disrupt brain electrical impulses
  • Anxiety – the physical cause is the large amount of EBV neurotoxins that are inflaming the vagus nerve (bridge for the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Heart Palpitations, High Blood Pressure, and Skin Problems – it’s not thyroid, but a liver issue. Yup, the liver gets overloaded with EBV toxins making it sluggish, so detoxification and elimination processes can’t function well. This, in turn, affects the blood circulation of the heart to and fro.

There’s a whole lot more that Anthony covers in the book. But just imagine, EBV is all over the place. It’s high time we reclaimed what’s rightfully ours!

Weaning Off Medication

Once you’ve been taking thyroid medication for over a year, weaning off slowly is especially important so you don’t overload your system.

When evaluating how long the weaning process should take for patients, doctors should always consider how long someone has been on thyroid medication—it makes a real impact on someone’s health and well-being as they lower her or his dosages.

Anthony’s take is that we cannot solely rely on thyroid tests to determine the real condition of a patient, as well as getting them on medication based entirely on what the lab results show for they can be misleading.

He says that the effects of medication on thyroid hormone readings are similar to what happens when you remove the battery from a smoke detector: you’ve just disabled the alarm system to stop the beeping, but you haven’t really put out the fire.

That’s exactly what I found out for myself when I was medicating. Yes, it did improve my condition for a while, my thyroid readings too. But as soon as I was missing my dosage, it’s back to the same issues. And they’re even worse upon return. Why? Because it was just a “band-aid” solution, not the real fix to the problem.

So to shift into true healing, Anthony gives recommendations in the book on weaning off the medication gradually:

  • At least 2 months for someone who has been on medication for 2 – 5 years
  • At least 4 months, for 5 – 10 years
  • At least 6 months, for 10 – 20 years
  • At least a year, for over 20 years

Always consult with your doctor for guidance and listen to your body. Take it slowly and gradually, and as easily as you can. Detoxification and cleansing may bring some discomfort, but I promise that it will get better. It will take time to heal, and know that you will.

The Unforgiving Four

The four outside factors that are the real problems behind chronic and mystery illness—factors that I call the Unforgiving Four—are radiation, the viral explosion, DDT, and toxic heavy metals. Ignoring these is a Great Mistake that’s not to be overlooked.

Another revealing part of the book is what Anthony describes as “Great Mistakes” that are barriers to healing. There are 9, each having a single chapter for a thorough discussion.

Here’s a quick look:

Great Mistake 1: Autoimmune Confusion
Great Mistake 2: Mystery Illness Misconception
Great Mistake 3: Labels as Answers
Great Mistake 4: Inflammation as Cause
Great Mistake 5: Metabolism Myth
Great Mistake 6: Gene Blame Game
Great Mistake 7: Ignoring the Unforgiving Four
Great Mistake 8: It’s All in Your Head
Great Mistake 9: You Created Your Illness

We’ve touched on some of them in our previous notes. Now we’re going to zero in on a great mistake that can’t be overlooked — Ignoring the Unforgiving Four:

  1. Radiation – the wake of nuclear disasters (Fukushima, Hiroshima, and Chernobyl) is still present in the atmosphere, doing harm to our immune system, making us more susceptible to pathogens.
  2. Viral Explosions – aside from EBV, these are the other viruses in the human herpesvirus (HHV) family that also cause health problems: shingles, cytomegalovirus (CMV), HHV-6, HHV-7, and the undiscovered HHV-10, HHV-11, and HHV-12. Genetic mutation is not the issue; viral mutation is.
  3. DDT – this banned dangerous pesticide didn’t leave for good, as it’s still present in the environment, contaminating our food supply and being passed along generation to generation.
  4. Toxic Heavy Metals – they are the ultimate food for pathogens and they drain the immune system. They enter our systems through pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, DDT, and pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics.

We list these four horsemen of apocalypse not to ensue fear, but to bring awareness. Getting educated about the truths concerning our health is a primary step. And not to worry, Anthony offers the techniques to stop them in their tracks once and for all.

What NOT to Eat

No matter what food belief system you subscribe to, whether high-protein, vegetarian, or the like, it’s a good idea to remove eggs, dairy products, gluten, canola oil, soy, corn, and pork from your diet while you’re dealing with a thyroid issue.

Neither Anthony nor I want to be the bearer of this heartbreaking news, but these are foods that are best to avoid if we want to support our healing:

  • Eggs – they are EBV’s number one food source. It doesn’t matter if they’re organic and free-range, they’re still a favorite of the virus because they are filled with natural hormones that EBV loves
  • Dairy – EBV’s second favorite: cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, cream, kefir, ghee, and all other dairy products
  • Gluten – not for the reason we thought it was, but because it fuels the pathogens, including EBV
  • Canola Oil – not only does it fuel EBV, but it also causes damage to organs and linings in your body
  • Corn – EBV has learned to associate corn with DDT and other toxins found in pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides; consume sparingly or avoid it altogether
  • Soy – for reason similar to corn and it has high-fat content; opt for non-GMO and sprouted soy, and consume sparingly
  • Pork – has high animal fat content, which constricts oxygen in your bloodstream; also puts a burden on your liver

I know this is not easy. I also love eggs, bread, and ice cream of all sorts. What I’d suggest is to focus more on incorporating the healing foods that Anthony includes in the regimen. It’s not about restriction, but more of a replacement.

Just think of the long-term gain over short-term pleasure. When true healing happens, the benefits are permanent. It’s all going to be worth it and might even be much more pleasurable.

The Healing Protocol

Since you’re your own health expert now, you’re the one in the best position to evaluate which of the foods to come speak to your condition and symptoms. If you want to add all of them, go for it! If you want to take a more measured, realistic approach, think about picking three foods to concentrate on in your first week. Clip the list to your fridge as a reminder to bring a sizeable serving of each into your diet every day. The next week, pick three more foods, add them to your list, and incorporate them into your daily meals, too. This is not about eating a leaf of lettuce here or a slice of apple there. In order to see changes, you’ll want to make sure you bring these healing foods into your life in quantity.

You can see how quickly those unproductive foods we looked at can get edged out of your diet when you’re filling up on these healing foods.

In the book, Anthony enumerates a long list of fruits, vegetables, herbs and supplements, and how they work specifically to rid yourself of EBV, restore your thyroid, and overall heal your body.

To make it easier, he also includes a 90-day Thyroid Rehab protocol with three options to choose from:

  • Choice A – Liver, Lymphatic, and Gut Release Month
  • Choice B – Heavy Metal Detox Month
  • Choice C – Thyroid Virus Cleanse Month

Because we all heal differently, choices will vary also for different people. So I won’t go into details here. Study them and experiment for yourself, and see what works best for you. As Anthony advocates, you become your own expert.

But I’d like to share with you how I’ve adapted the protocol to suit my current lifestyle, which has been working well for me. So far, so good!

Here it is:

  • 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on weekends (the protocol has it every day)
  • 16 ounces of lemon water every afternoon on Tuesday and Thursday (the protocol has it 1 – 2 times every day)
  • Zinc and Vitamin B-12 supplements, one tablet for each per day
  • My SUPER SMOOTHIES mix (based on the healing food list) every afternoon on Wednesday and on weekends
      • 4-5 chunks of frozen banana
      • ½ mango slice
      • 10-12 spinach leaves
      • A handful of wild blueberries
      • A handful of raspberries
      • ½ tsp of spirulina
      • 3-4 ice cubes
      • 1 cup of cold water
      • 1 tbsp of coconut sugar-coated raw cacao to top it off

thyroid healing smoothies celery juice juicing detox juice cleanse

And yes, it’s yummmy!

This is only a fraction of the entire protocol, and I’ve been on it just for a month now as of this writing, yet the benefits were already clearly evident to me.

I’m beyond thrilled to know what more it can do for you!

Check out all the other recipes and food combinations Anthony has prepared in the book.

Get Your Sleep ON!

Without the proper sleep, you can’t properly heal. When you do get proper sleep, and when you know how to put your mind at ease when you’re lying there awake, you possess one of the most powerful weapons for fighting EBV and resurrecting your thyroid.

That’s because sleep is essential to immune function—your overall immune system and your thyroid’s and liver’s individual immune systems. It’s the ultimate restorative, useful for (1) building up the thyroid’s strength so it can keep the body in homeostasis as well as fend off and cleanse virus cells there, (2) bolstering the liver as it cleanses itself of EBV and its waste matter, and (3) allowing neurotransmitter chemicals to restore themselves after being burnt out by viral neurotoxins.

You’re probably thinking: “Thanks, Frederick. But that’s the thing, I can’t sleep!” I know because I’ve had the same issue for years. It’s only recently that it has gotten better.

And it was Anthony’s profound insights on sleep that provided me the biggest breakthrough. But it was more of a “Haaaaaaaaa…” than “Aha!” Like the relief it gave me was just so freeing and relaxing, I now have a newfound relationship with sleep.

#2 is, as mentioned earlier, sleep issues are not caused by a thyroid problem. In most cases, both sleep issues and thyroid problems are caused by EBV. As Anthony stresses in the book, sleep is not governed by thyroid hormones. Your thyroid is innocent. Your immune system is on your side. Your body loves you.

Ready for #1? You have a sleep wellspring:

It is divine law that with every waking breath you take, you’re delivered two seconds of sleep to use at any time you wish. Picture this sleep supply as flowing into a well that you have access to anytime you want for the rest of your life.

What that means is you have an unlimited supply of sleep. It means whenever you miss sleep, it stays there in the well for your later use, which you can anytime. So you’re never really “losing sleep.” It will always be there for you.


I’ll leave the rest of the discussion on sleep for your reading, but I wish that insight gives you a fresh perspective, a fresh start, and hopefully a refreshing sleep tonight.

Also, as Anthony wishes instead of “sweet dreams,” we are both wishing you “healing dreams.”

May tomorrow be the beginning of the life you have eagerly dreamt about.

To your healing and awesomeness!

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ANTHONY WILLIAM, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables and Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal, was born with the unique ability to converse with a high-level spirit who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time.

Since age four, when he shocked his family by announcing that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer (which medical testing soon confirmed), Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health. His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of millions worldwide, among them movie stars, rock stars, billionaires, professional athletes, best-selling authors, and countless other people from all walks of life who couldn’t find a way to heal until he provided them with insights from Spirit. Anthony has also become an invaluable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases.

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