The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method: Unleash Your Psychic Power

When persons learn to function mentally at the deeper levels of relaxation of mind and body, creativity is enhanced. Memory is improved, and persons are better able to solve problems. From the altered state, they are able to direct the mind to do what...

You Can Heal Your Life

Every moment of life is a new beginning point as we move from the old. This moment is a new point of beginning for me right here and right now. All is well in my world. – Louise Hay If Google is to search engine,...
living a free life

EFT: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

At its deepest level, the process of EFT is one of healing, releasing, and learning from past traumas and negative experiences. Only from there can you create the life you’ve truly dreamed of. – Nick Ortner A bit longer backstory: It was sometime around the...
earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery

Earthing is the future. Humanity needs to reconnect to the planet, to our natural electrical state, and to our natural state of good health. – Clint Ober 2020 fun fact: I’ve been studying, learning, and walking the path of healing for more than a decade...
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a return to love marianne williamson a course in miracles

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