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A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living

You must find a way to lower your stress levels, process your negative emotions, let go of the past, and stop repeating negative patterns. Only from there can you create the life you’ve truly dreamed of. – Nick Ortner A bit longer backstory: It was...
earthing The Most Important Health Discovery Ever

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery

Earthing is the future. Humanity needs to reconnect to the planet, to our natural electrical state, and to our natural state of good health. – Clint Ober 2020 fun fact: I’ve been studying, learning, and walking the path of healing for more than a decade...

Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Healing simply means bringing more purpose, happiness, and healthy behaviors into your life, which, in my opinion, are beautiful things to begin right now, regardless of how much time we each have left to live. – Kelly Turner Have you seen HEAL documentary? I highly...

How to Have the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You...

Enlightenment is the moment we realize that we are made of love. – Mark Nepo It’s been a year when I first opened this book, read each page every morning, and reflected on Mark’s daily journal about his journey while I contemplated mine. It was in...
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the secret to love that lasts and how to express heartfelt commitment to your spouse