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It All Began with a VOW...

In November 2012, Fred’s father passed away due to stomach cancer. Before he was laid to his final resting place, while standing in front of his father’s casket, Fred made a vow to himself that he will do whatever it takes so that no other son would bear the same pain of losing his father to cancer.

He knew from then on that life would take him to a different path. He had long been an advocate of natural healing, having himself recovered from chronic illness after being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2007. But it wasn’t until the passing of his father (the “wake-up call”) when he fully embraced his calling to help people deal with their health challenges.

The Calling

Heeding the call, the idea of building a place where people can find true healing and transformation dawned on Fred. The goal seemed so far-fetched and he had no clear picture yet of how it’s going to happen. Still, he believed he had to do something with what he knew in his heart. Thus began the journey of chasing the I’m-possible dream and fulfilling his vow.

In the following year, he founded Friggies, a social enterprise based in the Philippines whose mission is to instill a healthy lifestyle through its products that are mainly fresh fruit and vegetable drinks.

In its early planning stages, his business partner once asked him, “Bro, you’ve got to show me the BIG PICTURE of your plan so I know where we’re headed and we can find ways to get there.”

dream vision board
Fred's Dream Vision Board in 2014

The BIG Picture

The Great Calling is the healing center Fred was envisioning to be built where people with health challenges can come to heal themselves. They will have access to professionals and experts from different healing modalities that can equip them with tools and techniques that suit their needs.

What he initially thought of as a physical structure is turning out to be a virtual one – an online healing center, which you happen to be accessing right now –, based on the book he authored that chronicles his own journey of healing.

the universal laws of awesomeness

This Book Will Leave You in AWE

The saying goes, "Leave people better than you found them." As for The Path to Awesomeness, the intention is to leave you better than you found it.

About the Book

Who am I? What is my purpose? The answers to these questions seemed to have been elusive for many, or even yet the search still hasn’t started for some. We are all students learning in the school called Life. As we go through it, we learn the lessons that will help us realize the true essence of who we are and what we can do.

The Path to Awesomeness provides the clues that will take us closer to the Truth that is already within us. It will illuminate our minds and open our hearts as it takes us to the story of a personal awakening, so that we can see for ourselves the answers we’ve all been searching for. It’s a journey that reflects our own path to healing, self-discovery and self-actualization of becoming awesome — our super human potential. It’s the adventure of a lifetime that awaits us in The Path to Awesomeness, our destiny in life which we can only embark by letting go of the old-trodden path.

The Path to Awesomeness will teach us life’s greatest lesson — that falling in Love requires a leap of faith, knowing and trusting God will catch us.

the path to awesomeness book

About the Author

Frederick Espiritu

Frederick Espiritu is a writer, poet, and artist based in the Philippines.

He was a practicing telecom engineer for many years. But after personally having dealt with a chronic illness and the passing of his father, he has devoted himself to a lifelong commitment to healing works.

Following the founding of Friggies, a mission-driven enterprise grounded on his advocacy, he soon rediscovered writing as a channel for healing and inspiration.

He envisions a disease-free world for humanity.