Corona Formula

corona formula

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

Refer to the diagram:

level of consciousness
Credits to Dr. David Hawkins and Jade Balden

Coronavirus was created from the consciousness of fear.

In other words, the cause of Coronavirus is fear. Applying the law of cause and effect, the effect is also on the same level of consciousness, which is sickness & disease (see left-hand side of the diagram).

The effect of Coronavirus (sickness & disease) only applies to similar levels of consciousness (Negative Emotions Zones). Meaning, you can only get sick if you are within that zone.

This means that if you are above the negative emotion zone, you cannot get sick.

This also means that even if you are wearing a mask and isolated from all people, you are still susceptible to the virus and at risk of getting infected if you are within the negative emotion zone.

Coronavirus cannot go above the negative emotion zone. It cannot do any harm on the upper levels of consciousness, starting from courage, to love, to gratitude, to joy, to peace.

Yes, follow the safety precautionary measures if they can provide you a sense of peace. But understand that it is not the precautionary measures that provide you safety. It is the sense of peace that does.

It is peace, love, joy, and gratitude that keeps you safe from harm. They keep you safe from the effects of the Coronavirus, or any other effects of fear, which is the cause of all sicknesses.

FEAR is the formless cause behind all forms of sicknesses. When you treat the cause, you also treat the effects. It’s governed by the Universal law.

All worldly attempts to treat the sickness is working on the effectual level. In the case of Coronavirus, these are what the health organizations are attempting. They are helpful in addressing the effects of the Coronavirus, but they won’t solve the problem because they are not working on the causal level. And at the causal level, they are working on the same level of consciousness – fear.

In other words, they are working on a fear-based solution.

Wear masks because of fear of exposure. Social distancing for fear of contamination. And other preventive measures for fear of the virus infection.

Yes, preventive measures are helpful and necessary. Prevention is better than cure. We are not arguing that.

But the virus already proved better than its prevention. Ultimately, the cure is the best solution.

While we do our best to prevent the effects of the virus, we must also work around the cure of its cause. While we cover our faces with a mask to prevent the smoke (virus), we must also work on how to put out the fire (fear) that’s causing it. Quite literally, it is fear that’s fueling the spread of the virus.

From Einstein’s observation, if we are solving a problem (effect) from the same level of consciousness (cause), all efforts would be futile.

The ultimate solution is to overcome fear by elevating your consciousness to the highest level possible, to be in the state of love, gratitude, joy, peace, and do the measures to remain there. This, only this, will ultimately solve the problem.

Only from those high levels of consciousness can all the solutions come from. Only from those high levels of consciousness can prevention be effective.

Being in the state of love, gratitude, joy, and peace is the best prevention from the virus, from any other effects of fear, and from fear itself.

Having this as the premise, our succeeding discussion and the following measures will be toward achieving those higher levels of consciousness.


How can you tell what level of consciousness are you on? You can tell by how you feel.

We can relate these levels of consciousness to the spectrum of light, which is within the broader electromagnetic spectrum.

Light is a form of energy. Energy has a vibration or “vibe.” The vibration is what you’re feeling. When you say “positive/good vibes,” or “negative/bad vibes,” you are actually feeling your energy, your state of consciousness.

Before we go further, let’s briefly insert the scientific fact that matter is not solid. It’s a space filled with atoms that have vibrating electrons constantly moving around their nucleus. That constant movement has a specific frequency, the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time.

The higher the level of consciousness, the higher the energy, the higher the vibration, the higher the frequency.

Everything in the material world is made up of matter (or 99.99% empty space, however you’d like to hypothesize it), but not everything is visible to the naked eye.

Now, let’s say there is a “body of consciousness,” or a body of light (better known as “light body”). As consciousness descends* from its highest to the lower levels, the vibration goes slower and slower, making matter denser and denser in form.

* What Charles Darwin calls The Descent of Man is more accurately put as the descent of consciousness to the form of man. On the other hand, what religion calls Fall of man is more correctly put as the fall of consciousness to the form of man.

light body energy vibrational being

The physical body (solid form) that we can see and touch is only one form of the body of consciousness. In the same way that our eyes can only see a limited spectrum of visible light (the rainbow colors), our eyes cannot see other forms of body of consciousness (e.g. mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, astral body, or other similar terms). They cannot be seen, but they exist. And you can sense and feel them to the level of your awareness.

To say then that you are just a physical body is incorrect. The correct way of putting it is, you are consciousness occupying a physical body in human form on the material plane. Oooh!


Let’s refer back to the diagram. So, where does the physical body sit on the levels of consciousness? Right there, on the dark gray line in between the zones of Sickness & Disease and Good Health.

state of consciousness

The physical body is neutral, just as everything else in this material world is. It’s up to you, based on your state of consciousness, which depends on the breadth of your awareness, that determines the condition of your physical body.

In neutrality, the physical body is in a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium. This is the body’s default state. Here, the body is balanced and relaxed, in rest-and-repair mode. When something goes out of balance, the body has an innate intelligence to bring itself back to homeostasis.

You can observe this innate intelligence at work when you have a wound and it heals on its own. You don’t need to say “rest-and-repair mode ON!” to get it to work. It is always ON as long as you are at rest, when you are relaxed.

So, the important question is, what turns it OFF?

There you go: your state of consciousness.

That is the explanation behind why the physical health of your body is dependent on your state of consciousness. At equilibrium or above is the wellness zone. Below it is the sickness zone, the zone where you become susceptible to any and all forms of sickness, including that of the Coronavirus.

Within the wellness zone (Good Health, Great Health & Vitality), the Coronavirus can do no harm. In higher states of consciousness, you are immune to disease. With the exception of those whose soul’s contract or “life plan” is to get sick for the purpose of awakening. That’s for another entire discussion altogether, one that requires greater awareness and higher consciousness. We’ll get to that after humanity has awakened, when these series of awakening events initiated by the Corona pandemic have fully transpired. Ooops!

For now, we’ll keep our discussions grounded on the current state of consciousness of humanity at large.

Which brings us to another important question: how do we get to that wellness zone, the higher levels of consciousness?

hippocrates quote first do no harm

Do nothing.

Hah! You’re cute, Fred. But you tell us all of this non-sense for nothing?!

Yep. And thank you, by the way. Now, may I continue?

You don’t need to figure out the “how” because life is already doing that for you. It is the process of evolution. That is, in truth, the grander purpose of life: ascension – for you to return to full consciousness. Hellooo… You have descended to experience this human life, remember?

Hmmmm… hmmmm… That’s ridiculous! Why in the world would I choose to be here?

That’s a very good question. Why are you here?

My life is a mess, can’t you see? Now, why would I choose this mess?

Life is life. “Mess” is how you chose to perceive life, which is completely up to you. And you can choose to perceive it differently. From that shift in perception, you can make different choices that can change your situation in life.

And how does that apply to this situation? Even if I change my perception, it doesn’t change the reality that people are dying.

That is the reality of this human experience even before this Coronavirus outbreak. People are dying due to various reasons. Have you seen how many people are dying from the top 10 leading causes of death? 8 of them are disease-related.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which used to be among the top 10, has accounted for 37.9 million cases by the end of 2018. 74.9 million people have become infected with HIV since its outbreak in the 1920s. 32 million have died. And counting.

We are now in 2020. 100 years have passed and the virus still hasn’t been contained despite the best-effort preventive measures.


Coronavirus and HIV are both life-threatening. But, why is the other more alarming? Why the sudden mass hysteria, when the fire of viral diseases has been there way before this ongoing outbreak? Is it due to the fire, or the people (a.k.a. mass media) screaming, “There’s a fire! There’s a fire!”?

We’re not denying the reality of the viral outbreak and people dying from it. It’s heartbreaking. But, how does screaming help? We can spread awareness, be aware of what’s happening, provide helpful information to others in a calm, systematic, organized manner.

Meanwhile, on the bright side, the quarantine from the Coronavirus outbreak also quarantines the world from the HIV outspread. #thankyoucorona

What if this quarantine period affords humanity to finally, once and for all, come up with the solutions not just for the Coronavirus, but also for HIV, and other sicknesses?

Okay… So, you’re saying all we need to do is space out, chill out, have a good time, be jolly, think positive in spite of what’s happening out there? People are dying, for God’s sake!

There’s some grain of truth in what you just said. God is another word for consciousness. That’s why you have phrases like “Peace of God,” or “God is Love.” In religion, you have “fear of God.”

so you're telling me meme

People are dying, yes, but not for the reason you might think. It’s difficult for the human thinking brain to comprehend this, for it requires a greater awareness (which is limited by thinking) to reach that level of Understanding (see diagram of consciousness).

But, let’s give it a shot. People are dying for God’s sake, for consciousness’ sake, for the awakening-of-humanity’s sake, individually and collectively.

In truth, there is no death, only a passing from one form of consciousness to another. In other words, death is transformation. To simplify, death is the transforming from the physical body to a spiritual body – the soul. When a person dies (death), the soul removes its human cloth and wears another cloth as it enters (rebirth) the spiritual realm.

That’s as far as we’ll go for now in this article. Although that’s the main goal, we won’t go beyond the context of the current situation. Once you reach that level of awareness and understanding, you can do further reading of this topic in my book, The Path to Awesomeness. Buy 10 of them, to 10x the understanding, hah!

I digress. Going back, the people dying are playing an important role in the grander scheme of this ascension process. They are fulfilling their soul’s purpose. They are, in truth, doing us a big favor. They do it not as a sacrifice, but as an act of love. In doing so, they, too, elevate their consciousness to that of Love. They will continue to evolve but no longer in human form. Their human incarnation for this lifetime has served its purpose.

And what do you suggest for people like us who are alive and want to stay alive?

Do nothing, as I’ve mentioned. That’s the first thing.

Because it is better to do nothing than act out of fear. Do nothing and relax. Relax and breathe.

Try this:

Just with that breathing exercise, you bring yourself back to balance, to equilibrium, to relaxation, turning ON the body’s rest-and-repair mode.

Now, instead of asking what to do, the better question is what NOT to do. In other words, what are you doing that turns the body’s immune system and repair mechanisms OFF?

What are you doing that puts you below the dark gray line, in the Sickness & Disease zone?

Since we are talking about consciousness, we’ll focus on the aspect of the mind. What are you thinking? What are your thoughts? This is where you start working on expanding your awareness, by becoming more conscious of your thoughts.

Why awareness? Because once you become aware of your thinking, you will come to realize that you are thinking, but thinking is not you. You are you (state of consciousness, or being), while thinking is thinking (a mental activity, or doing). In English, you is a noun, thinking is a verb. They are not the same.

Put simply, you are not your thoughts. But, but, but! Your thoughts influence your state of consciousness.

At this point, because we’ve talked about the Coronavirus, sickness, and death from a different perspective, a different state of consciousness, we now also have different thoughts about them than what you had previously. I hope, too, that it offered you some relief.

Now, ponder this. What is causing you fear? Is it the Coronavirus, or your thoughts about the Coronavirus? Is it the sickness, or your thoughts about the sickness? Is it death, or your thoughts about death?

It’s your thoughts that’s scaring you. You are scaring yourself with your thoughts. These fear-based thoughts are keeping you stuck in the lower states of consciousness.

Your thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are aligned with consciousness. Meaning, if you have fearful thoughts, you are aligning with the consciousness of fear. If you have loving thoughts, you are aligning with the consciousness of love.

abraham maslow quote in any given moment choose growth

Since consciousness has energy, when you put your attention to fearful thoughts, you give them energy. Energy flows where attention goes. It is your attention that gives thoughts their power. If you have limited awareness, you won’t be conscious enough of where your attention is and where your energy is flowing.

It only takes a plain thought with enough attention to gather momentum and keep it going. Next thing you know, you’re already scared to death, panicky, and restless about a situation.

From equilibrium, you go out of balance. From rest-and-repair mode, you move to fight-or-flight mode. From love, you descend to fear. And nothing good ever comes out of that place.

When you’re in fear, everything you do will be a reaction to fear. The preventive measures may contain a virus, but it cannot contain fear.

This points us back to Einstein’s observation that the problem cannot be solved from the same consciousness that created it. It’s because the problem and the solution are not on the same level of consciousness.

So, do nothing first. That’s where quarantine helps. It stops you and me from acting unconsciously out of fear. It stops you and me from harming ourselves. Forgive us for we do not know what we are doing. Thank you, Jesus.

So, do nothing and just wait for the virus to disappear? Sounds lazy and passive to me.

Do nothing and pray. Prayers may not move mountains (you really took moving mountains literally?), but it can move you up the mountain of consciousness, right there on the level of Trust.

abraham hicks law of attraction

Here, I borrowed and edited something from The Path to Awesomeness book.

Let’s pray:

Dear God, fill us with your
divine unconditional love,
for we wish to be cleansed
with the healing power of
this love
before we enter into the hallowed
ground of Your

We are your ascending child
and it is our greatest desire
to be connected to You in this moment.

Fill us now with healing light
that we may shine this light for the world
during these dark times.
Let us be grateful even when
the lessons they teach
are difficult,
for we know there is a greater purpose
in all these life

Send your angels to protect us,
our family and
friends, and all of humanity.

Let us stand now in silence before You,
and bask in the perfect light
of Your love…
and so be it, so it is.”

Sounds better? Feel better?

Now, we are in a better position to take the actions because we will be acting on faith, founded on the consciousness of Trust.

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Thank you, Jesus.

Sounds alright, but I’m not a religious person.

That’s alright. Consciousness is not tied to any religion. Earlier, we stated that thoughts are aligned with consciousness. That last statement is an example of aligning with the consciousness of Christ, or Christ Consciousness, which is the consciousness of Love.

Statements like that are called affirmation, reaffirming thoughts that align and realign you with the state of consciousness you want to be in.

You can use affirmation in all aspects of your life. For now, we will use it for the purpose of health and healing, since that’s what we’re dealing with during this crisis.

Here are some health and healing affirmations to get you started:

healing affirmation
healing affirmation 2
healing affirmation 3
healing affirmation 4
healing affirmation 7
healing affirmation 8
healing affirmation 12
healing affirmation 86
healing affirmation 91
healing affirmation 93
healing affirmation 94
healing affirmation 100
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If you haven’t yet, you can also download a digital copy of The Awesome Life, a short e-book where we cover the basics of health. In it, you’ll also learn the important keys to healing and practical tips you can begin to incorporate in your life.

I’ll check it out. How about something we can do right now?

The suggestions I have for you are designed to turn back ON your body’s repair mechanism. They are tools that were created from the higher levels of consciousness. And as you apply them, as you practice them regularly, you will feel the shifts in your body. Yep, shift happens.

You ready for some shift?

(Note: As you apply these practices, you might experience uncomfortable feelings bubbling up. That’s perfectly OK, nothing to worry about. Those are your suppressed emotions and other repressed issues that are being released, so you can climb up the higher states of consciousness. For you to go lighter, the heavy baggage must be let go of. Trust the process.)

Okay, this one’s called “Thymus Heart Rub.” Go here.

A similar exercise, “Thymus Thump,” combines it with affirmations:

Good job!

Similar to thumping, I’m going to introduce you to a “tapping” technique known as EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s one I highly recommend that I even reached out to the Ortner siblings (they have a documentary that helped it go mainstream) so I can feature it in The Path to Awesomeness book.

We have another full-length article for EFT, so I hope you check that out. But what’s awesome about EFT, and all these self-healing tools for that matter, is you don’t need to understand or believe it for it to work. It just does because it works on a subconscious level and that’s the beauty of it. We’ll leave the theory for now and jump straight into practice.

Let’s tap:


How are you feeling? Lighter?

Now, is it okay if we take another 6 minutes to further unlock the healing system of your body? Yup, 6 minutes. Because that’s how short it takes to activate it using a code – The Healing Code. You can skip to this part for a quick run-through and demonstration.


Okay, one more tool before we wrap it up is The Sedona Method, which I find to be particularly helpful during these times of crisis, so we don’t get overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Here’s the idea: the brain is like Velcro for negative thoughts, meaning it latches on from negative thought to negative thought, hence the term “the monkey brain.” What this method does is it helps us loosen our grip, let go of those low-lying branches (lower consciousness) we cling to, so we can reach for the higher ones (higher consciousness).

The releasing process is really easy and simple. All you have to do is ask yourself a series of questions. It’s also a DIY tool. But to begin with, we’re going to partner with none other than the author himself for this guided exercise.

Way to go! Up, up, and away! Up towards love, joy, and peace. This is my sincerest wish for you and all of humanity.

It’s been a long time coming. The beginning of a disease-free world is here at last.

And it begins with you.


Dear Corona,

Thank you for being our greatest teacher.

We know that you came to teach a lesson, and you are here to stay until that lesson is fully learned and understood.

Thank you, for through having Pneumonia-like symptoms, you show us our weak spot. You point us to the lungs of our physical body, which is connected to the Heart energy center of our non-physical body.

Sickness is a manifestation of lack or absence of love.

Any lack or absence of love becomes fear. This absence of love is the result of our unconsciousness, the lack of awareness, which is the light of consciousness.

This lack of awareness leads to misunderstanding, which leads to errors in thinking.

The first error is thinking that the sickness is in the body, whereas in truth, the sickness is in our unconscious minds producing fearful thoughts, which are creating the disease.

The second error is thinking we need to cure the disease of the body, whereas in truth, the cure must be given to the mind for its wrong perception.

So, thank you, Corona, for opening our closed minds, making us aware, helping us to correct our wrong perception.

By opening our awareness, we are coming to a perception that leads to knowing, knowing that leads to understanding, and understanding that leads to healing.

Thank you, Corona, for showing us fear (false evidence appearing real).

Thank you, Corona, for becoming the appearance of fear, the unreal virus that has been infecting our minds for so long.

Thank you, Corona, for finally, finally revealing fear right before our very eyes, that we can now confront it with awareness, having the correct perception, seen with the eyes of love.

For showing us fear, thank you, Corona, because now we can let it go.

Thank you, Corona, for making us realize that it is fear that is blind, not love. We were blind, but now we see.

If love is the lesson we are here to learn in this life, then thank you for being our greatest teacher.

Thank you, Corona.

Now, we can be free.