The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal Yourself

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We believe that the energy frequency of pure love will heal anything—and that it may be the only power that will. The vibrational frequency of love is the ultimate healing resource. – Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson, The Healing Code

What if there really was a magic pill that can cure everything?

Well, last time I checked, there isn’t…

BUT… I’ve got good news for you! It’s something that works like magic, but it ain’t a pill…

It’s a code — a code that unlocks the ultimate source of healing. And the key to it is right at our fingertips! It’s much like unlocking a vault wherein you do a specific combination and voila!

Ladies and gents, awesome souls, I present to you: The Healing Code

I can’t thank Dr. Loyd enough for bringing this to the world. This is a personal breakthrough for me in my own healing journey and I’m ecstatic to share this with everyone.

Of course, we already have a handful of tools available in our bag of tricks — meditation, prayer, affirmations, EFT (guided practices are available in The Path to Awesomeness book). Then, there are a couple more we’re going to explore soon (hope you stay tuned for that).

They’re all awesome! And in order to maximize their healing effect, they need to get to the root cause of sickness. That’s where The Healing Code comes in.

As of this writing, I’ve been practicing The Healing Code technique for just about a week now and I can tell by the way I feel that there’s something different about this. I can really feel the healing sensation taking place in my body! Haven’t felt this goooood in a long while. If there’s a word to describe it, it has to be “magic!”

The Three One Thing

One Thing #1: There is one thing on planet Earth that can heal just about any problem in your life.

One Thing #2: There is one thing on planet Earth that will turn off One Thing #1.

One Thing #3: There is one thing on planet Earth that will turn One Thing #1 back on.

I won’t keep you guessing the three one thing. Here they are:

One Thing #1 – The immune and healing system of the body
One Thing #2 – Stress
One Thing #3 – Healing the issues of the heart

It’s important to know these one things because they are the basic premise for The Healing Code system.

Here’s the idea: Our immune and healing system is designed to heal and capable of healing anything. It always works. But the one thing that stops it from working? Stress. Not the average stress we’re exposed to in our daily lives, but the deep-seated stress that gets stored as memory. Not the memory that the brain remembers, but the type of memory that the heart keeps.

healing code

Physiological Stress

Physiological stress, simply put, is when our nervous system is out of balance.

Stress is controlled in the central nervous system. In particular, physiological stress is created through the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (H-P-A).

How do we measure stress in the body? We can measure individual levels of the above; however, a test called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has become the standard for measuring physiological stress. It is extremely valuable because it reflects the balance in the autonomic nervous system.

The balance of the ANS equals growth and healing which adds up to health, whereas imbalance or stress in the system leads to disease and ill health. That balance is what we are able to change and scientifically measure with The Healing Codes, and The Healing Codes can do it consistently.

This is a light-bulb moment for me. I was able to connect the dots that I’ve been tracing way back then (more than a decade now!) when I was trying to learn more about the condition I had, hyperthyroidism. I’ve come across this HPA axis before, but it was just too complex for me to understand. Now, it makes sense!

Let’s try to put more pieces into the puzzle. I’m going to ask you to open our notes on Becoming Supernatural and The Biology of Belief.

Physiological stress is when our nervous system is out of balance. Or, in other words, when it’s what? INCOHERENT <- from Becoming Supernatural

To quote:

…the heart contains nerves from both branches of the Autonomic Nerve System (ANS). This means that any change in the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems affects the beat-to-beat activity of the heart, which can be measured via the Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

Dr. Loyd uses the analogy of a car. The sympathetic nervous system is the gas, while the parasympathetic nervous system is the brakes. Incoherence is stepping on both pedals at the same time! That’s stress.

healing code

From The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton comes up with his findings about the two fundamental mechanisms of the cell: Growth or Protection. The cell goes either in growth mode or protection mode, but never both at the same time.

This simply means that we are either in stress response (fight-or-flight) or in healing mode.

What The Healing Code does is take off our foot on the gas pedal, then step on the brakes to bring us back to equilibrium, to balance, to coherence, to healing.

And we’re not just making the analogy sound poetic here. This balance (coherence) was scientifically measured with The Healing Code via the HRV (Heart Rate Variability), the “gold standard” test for measuring the ANS.

The Issues of the Heart

Southwestern University Medical School, Stanford University Medical School, Harvard Medical School, and New York University Medical School have all released research indicating that these types of cellular memories may very well be the missing piece of the puzzle in health and healing. The research from Southwestern concludes that our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future may very well lie in finding a way to heal cellular memory, and that “the potential is there for a much more permanent fix” if we find such a solution. Why do they say this? Because it appears to be the healing control mechanism of every cell of the body.

Cellular memories — these, my friends, are what’s causing the stress that prevents us from healing. They are “the issues of the heart,” the key to healing. You heal the cause, you heal the effect.

But these are memories not just stored in your brain but in the cells of your entire body. Yup! It’s the reason why recipients of an organ transplant are having the thoughts, dreams, personality, and even food cravings of the organ donor. Because the person’s memories are stored in the cells of that organ. Awemazing!

Our health is dictated by our cellular memories. If these memories carry destructive energy frequencies, they create stress in the body, which manifests as disease.

healing code

True Healing

Here’s the problem: coping equals stress. Since every problem known to man can be traced back to stress, a mechanism for dealing with our problems that create stress is counterproductive.

Keeping destructive memories suppressed requires a huge amount of energy, and it’s constant. Those memories have to be suppressed every hour of every day, so you may have a significant percentage of the energy needed for living your life constantly being consumed for nothing more than suppressing cellular memories.

The destructive feelings and beliefs we experience come from our memories. The only way they can heal is if the memory they come from heals.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have the memory anymore; you do, it’s just not destructive anymore.

Dr. Loyd argues that “coping with stress” is actually counterproductive to healing. Because coping only suppresses the destructive cellular memories, but not truly healing them. And suppression creates constant stress until eventually something breaks (usually “the weakest link” in the body).

Western medicine and other palliative treatments are coping mechanisms, not healing mechanisms. Palliative, meaning alleviating the pain without really curing it.

Even Dr. Ben admits that counseling and talk therapy are coping mechanisms. While they may be beneficial to some extent because it makes us aware of the issues that need to be resolved, they won’t resolve the issue. Talking about the problem doesn’t solve the problem.

That’s the beauty of The Healing Code, there’s no digging required. But its healing goes deeper underneath all the symptoms of the disease. It heals destructive cellular memories. It heals not by removing the memories, but by healing the destructive feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts connected to those memories.

healing code

What You Don’t Know Hurts You

These inherited cellular memories are good, bad, and, yes, ugly —and everything in between. The answer to the million-dollar question that you may have is “Yes.” Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother’s cellular memories can be reactivated inside of me and cause unwanted thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physiological stress.

Another reason why traditional methods won’t work on cellular memories? Those memories might not be yours. You’ve inherited most of them!

Now, add to that our own memories. We have what’s referred to in the book as:

  • Pre-language and Pre-logical-thinking Memories – we acquire them within the first six years of life, where we’re in the Delta Theta brainwave* state. During this period, our experiences are directly hardwired into our brains without getting filtered.
    I recommend reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself or Becoming Supernatural for a thorough discussion on brainwaves
  • Trauma Memories – these happen throughout our lives whenever traumatic experiences happen (Check out our notes on The Body Keeps the Score)

These are “the issues of the heart,” which are lodged in the unconscious part of our mind. Whenever we encounter something that reactivates these memories, our conscious mind is bypassed and the unconscious mind takes over. When that happens, it puts us in a stress response every time.

It becomes our protective mechanism, an unconscious program that’s hard to override using conventional therapy.

Dr. Ben explains:

Our trauma memories—a lot of these inherited, pre-language trauma memories—are literally protected from being healed by our unconscious mind. Now why in the world would it do that? It’s very simple. The unconscious mind greatly resists allowing those kinds of memories to be healed, because the unconscious mind makes an interpretation that it is unsafe for that memory to be healed, because the purpose of the memory is to protect the person from being hurt.

Never fret my friend, The Healing Code now comes to our rescue. As Dr. Ben testifies: “Inherited cellular memories can be healed just like any others by using The Healing Code.”

We just need to install it. (Just a few more steps before we do)

healing code

Recognizing the Program

It’s not a coincidence that the research at Stanford University Medical School found that the trigger for illness and disease in the body is always a wrong belief and, conversely, that once we believe the truth and keep believing the truth, our cells become impervious to illness and disease. What you believe will kill you or heal you.

The cellular memories you have form your belief system, which becomes the basis of how you experience life. If you want to change it, first you need to become aware of your belief system.

As listed in the book, here are the areas you must recognize to know if the cellular memories are being reactivated:

  • Your feelings – How are you feeling about a certain situation or experience? Is it logical or you’re going a bit overboard, being overly dramatic about it? If yes, you could be having a stress response.
  • Your thoughts – What are your thoughts about what’s happening? Do you have past thoughts about your present experience? Are they factual or fictional, meaning you’re making up your own story about what’s really happening? Your thoughts could be coming from your cellular memories
  • Your behaviors – Do you want to lose weight but still overeat? Do you want to take better care of yourself yet stay in abusive relationships? Do you want to accomplish your goals but you keep on sabotaging yourself?… Why do old habits die hard? Because the cellular memories keep them alive.

The Healing Code does what it does. But there are actionable steps we can incorporate into its healing mechanism. There are affirmations we can encode as the language of the new program for our mind. In the Healing Code system, we call them “truth statements.”

healing code

Release the Kraken

Tremendous power is inside you today in the “issues of the heart” and it can be constructive or destructive. It can block your goals, relationships and create illness and disease. Or it can empower you to fantastic accomplishments, wonderful relationships, and tremendous health. You have all the tools and resources you need to achieve the results… You just need to release that power.

How do you do that? Power is released by belief.

This again stresses the importance of affirming the truth. It releases the power that you hold inside you. It’s apparent with the countless case studies about the placebo and nocebo effects. (For further reading on the studies, check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s You Are the Placebo)

Want to know another fascinating demonstration of that power? The atomic bomb.

OK, I know it’s not a pretty image, but it best demonstrates what happens when you activate a power that is dormant but always present. At the essence of atomic technology, power is not created, it is released.

The power is already there, available in atomic particles the entire time, just waiting to be activated. The key was finding a way to pull the atoms apart and release the power from within.

Guess what? You are made up of similar particles. The power is already within you ready to be harnessed. You hold the key to activate it, literally. The Healing Code is right at your fingertips.

Believe in the power within!

healing code

The Four Healing Centers

The discovery of The Healing Codes is really the discovery of four healing centers on the body. The four healing centers of the body correspond to the master control centers for every cell in the body. These healing centers appear to work like a hidden fuse box that, when the correct switches are flipped on, will allow healing of almost anything. They do this by removing the stress in the body that had switched them off, thus allowing the neuro-immune system to resume its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body.

Here are the four healing centers:

  1. Bridge: The pituitary gland (often referred to as the master gland because it controls the major endocrine processes of the body) and the pineal gland.
  2. Temples: The higher functioning left and right brain, and the hypothalamus.
  3. Jaw: The reactive emotional brain, including the amygdala and hippocampus, plus the spinal cord and the central nervous system.
  4. Adam’s Apple: The spinal cord and central nervous system, plus the thyroid.

They are the control centers for every system, every organ, and every cell of the body. When we do the Healing Code exercise, we activate the healing energy and release it to flow through them all.

healing code

Finger-Lickin’ Love

You activate the healing centers with your fingers. You perform a Healing Code by aiming all five fingers of both hands at one or more of the healing centers from two to three inches away from the body. The hands and fingers direct flows of energy at the healing centers.

Using positive, healing energy frequencies, it cancels out and replaces the negative, destructive frequencies.

I bet you already know the power we’re talking about — LOVE. It is what heals everything.

And what are those healing energy frequencies that resonate with Love? Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Passion, Excitement, Fun, anything that feels finger-lickin’ goooood!

During the Healing Code exercise, recall any experience that gives you that awesome feeling, and hold onto that while you point your fingers toward the four healing centers (at least 30 seconds for each, and at least 6 minutes for the complete exercise).

When cells are showered with healthy energy by doing a Healing Code, the unhealthy energy is literally cancelled by the positive energy, similarly to the way noise cancellation headphones cancel harmful sound frequencies. After the destructive frequencies are cancelled, the image will resonate with healthy energy that will contribute to the good health of the cells, organs, and body system that it resides in. Healing energy has transformed destructive energy that was stored as cellular memories in the body/mind, ultimately affecting the physiology of the cells in the body.

The Healing Code also incorporates the power of prayer. It sets the intention for the exercise. Here’s the template, which you can always customize according to your needs:

“I pray that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular memories, and all physical issues related to   (your problem or issues)   would be found, opened and healed by filling me with the light, life and love of God. I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by 100 times or more.”

Now, on to the exercise!

Play this accompanying 6-minute healing code music, which also serves as a timer for the exercise.
Right-click here then select ‘save link as’ mp3 to download the audio file. (Music by Elio Pagliarulo)

But wait, there’s more! Did I mention that you can extend or send out healing to your loved ones, including your pets? Yep! That’s the beauty of the Healing Code. It’s universal!

You simply set the intention to send healing to the other person, recite the incantation prayer, do the exercise, and finish with this statement:

“I release the full effects of this healing to   (name of your loved one)  , in love, insofar as this issue affects them.”

May the healing expand all throughout the Universe!

Healing All the Way

When you heal the destructive cellular memories and unhealthy beliefs that caused your issues, the resulting stress in your body will diminish. As this occurs, your neuro-immune system will start to heal the physiology of your body. During this process, toxins, viruses, and bacteria will often start to leave your body.

It’s important to remember that this is not a problem you are feeling—you are feeling your problems being healed!

There is no rule, but generally the more junk that you have in your body or your heart, the more junk has to come out. Emotional issues are commonly a part of healing responses.

Healing responses are natural. We tend to think of the flu as fever, chills, sore throat, etc. This is not the flu at all; these are the healing responses of the body and immune system as it attempts to eliminate the virus that threatens it. The flu is the virus itself. You need not be alarmed then if you experience a healing response as the body gears into action to heal destructive images and the resulting stress on your physiology.

A healing response is evidence that you are progressing!

Healing Code done. Now, what?

Well, your healing is now happening as we speak. And for it to keep progressing, be consistent with The Healing Code practice. I suggest doing it at least twice a day. Do it more often whenever you can.

True healing happens from the inside out. It’s a process that takes time and we will respond to it differently.

There’s what’s known as Herxheimer Reaction (flu-like symptoms when the body detoxifies), Retracing (mild and short re-experience of your previous diseases), emotional release (EFT helps with this), and other stages of a “healing crisis.” Having gone through them, I can assure you: they’re perfectly normal. They’re all part of the healing process. In fact, they’re your telltale signs that you’re healing. (Read The Awesome Life for more info)

Nothing to worry about, you’re going to be OK, I promise.

Over time, it’s going to get better and easier.

healing code

There are also FAQs and other details you can find in the book to guide you. You’ll also find the Heart Issues Finder to help you pinpoint specific issues you want to address. There are twelve categories where these issues fall under.

The first three, Dr. Loyd and Dr. Ben refer to them as The Three Inhibitors:

Category #1: Unforgiveness
Category #2: Harmful Actions
Category #3: Wrong Beliefs

Then, the rest comprises what they call The Core Healing System:

Category #4: Love vs. Selfishness
Category #5: Joy vs. Sadness/Depression
Category #6: Peace vs. Anxiety/Fear
Category #7: Patience vs. Anger/Frustration/Impatience
Category #8: Kindness vs. Rejection/Harshness
Category #9: Goodness vs. Not Being Good Enough
Category #10: Trust vs. Control
Category #11: Humility vs. Unhealthy Pride/Arrogance/Image Control
Category #12: Self-Control vs. Loss of Control

Each category in the Core Healing System pertains to the virtue that needs to be instilled (because Love is multi-faceted). Then each category works on a major body system corresponding to the virtue.

They’re good to know, but not really necessary. We’re pretty much covered just doing the “master” code. What’s required of us is our commitment to this healing journey.

As Dr. Loyd reminds us: “All you need to do is to desire to change, and then begin taking even the tiniest baby steps in that direction.”

Together, let’s take a step here, shall we?

The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue

I’ll be thrilled to hear about your own experience with The Healing Code. Let me know in the comments below. I’ll be on the lookout!


ALEXANDER LOYD is an ordained minister and worked for ten years in fulltime ministry before earning doctorates in both naturopathic medicine and psychology. For a number of years, Dr. Loyd had a successful private practice in counseling and later in alternative therapies.

Based on his discovery, Dr. Loyd founded The Healing Codes®, a company dedicated to natural healing around the world. To date, thousands of clients in 50 states and 90 countries have reported healing from illness and disease by activating the body’s stress release mechanism with The Healing Codes.

Dr. Loyd lives with his wife, Hope Tracey, and his two sons, Harry and George, in Tennessee. Visit him at

BEN JOHNSON resides in Georgia, with his wife and seven children. He is a complementary and alternative medicine physician. He was clinical director of the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, for several years, resigning in October 2004 to work full time with The Healing Codes after The Healing Codes healed him of his Lou Gehrig’s disease.

He now lectures around the world about The Healing Codes and how they work, and was the only MD featured on the popular DVD, The Secret. Visit him at

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