How to Be Ultra Spiritual

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Fear is a great motivator, but fear-based living isn’t Ultra Spiritual – it isn’t even spiritual. Love-based living is spiritual; loving-to-be-loved-based living is Ultra Spiritual. – JP Sears

Namaste. Brothers and sisters in love and light, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!

It is with great honor and privilege of a lifetime to present to you a Supreme Master, who attained an unparalleled level of mastery that even the Ascended Masters channel him. He is uber spiritual that his spirit is the one asking for guidance.

Brothers and sisters in awesomeness, behold His Enlightenedness, Ultra Spiritual JP:

Ultra #LOL, first and foremost, is what you can expect from reading this book. I’d rather say it’s a gag show called His Entertainmentness Ultra Satirist JP. In its entirety, it’s a satirical masterpiece! The cover photo, the book layout, the footnoting (a must-read!), the storytelling (his entries on the Vegan Daily Journal got to be my fave), the writing style that spiritual teachers have, and almost every element in a typical self-help, personal growth material are to be found here.

But don’t get it all wrong. There are nuggets of wisdom if you read between the lines and beyond his funny antics.

Let’s learn to have fun and have fun learning!

The Art of Subtlety

As you deepen your vows with Lady Subtlety, the message to take to bed with you is this: the least convincing way to be spiritual is to try to be convincing. On the other hand, being unconvincing is the most convincing way to be spiritual. The harder you try to not try hard, the better. The harder you try to try hard, the worse off you are.

Speaking from his competitive higher-ego (still ego, only spiritualized), JP says that if we wish to become Ultra Spiritual, we have to appear more spiritual than others and therefore appear better than others (haha, self-image preservation!).

And to gain the spiritual competitive advantage, we need to master the art of subtlety. Don’t try hard to be spiritual. Because trying hard to be spiritual makes you look very unspiritual, which means you’re very unspiritual.

Master JP advises that the appropriate method is to always let the other person’s mind be the one to inform them that you’re better or more spiritual than they are. Sure win for you!

jp sears ultra spiritual

Spiritual Rat Poison

Being needy is like looking at the omnipotent universe in all its infiniteness and telling it that it’s not enough. Then you spit in its face like an ungrateful brat, kick it in the groin, and send a sharp elbow right to its jaw – shattering it in six different places so that the universe can never smile at its thankless creation ever again. Is this what you want? Well, that’s what you’re doing when you’re needy.

Neediness is spiritual rat poison. JP states the obvious: we need to not be needy. What a very profound paradox by His Enlightenedness!

To make it more obvious, Master JP enumerates the sneaky ways of this rat we have to watch out for:

      • Need for attention
      • Need for appreciation (doing good deeds in order to be appreciated, hmm)
      • Need for companionship
      • Need for space
      • Need for approval
      • Need for validation
      • Need for safety (comfort zone)
      • Need for food (energetic prana for your chakras is enough, haha)
      • Need for physical affection (nothing wrong with physical affection; needing it is)
      • Need for honesty (you’re already intuitive!)
      • Need for reassurance (of what? Nothing is for sure except one day you’ll die…)

The ultra-unapologetic JP also assures us that neediness is the cause of 100 percent of all failed relationships.

jp sears ultra spiritual

Choose Happier-ness

Happiness should be your omnipresent state of being. It’s not only what’s most enjoyable and authentic; it’s what most spiritual.

Master JP says that all emotions that aren’t happiness are negative emotions. And all negative emotions are based on fear: the fear of being happy.

Got me thinking: why are we afraid of being happy?

Got me thinking again: because we think happiness is something we get outside of us. And once we get it, we fear losing it. So we also fear having it.

When you’re happy, you’re being spiritual, JP continues.

So what can we do when we’re not happy? Simply choose happiness.

It’s not about getting happy, but being happy.

And when spirituality tells that in order to know something, you need something to compare it to, consider being happier. Choose happier-ness. That’s being Ultra Spiritual!

jp sears ultra spiritual

High-Class Spirituality

Statistically speaking, there are two types of people in this world: vegans and people full of hate. To be a good person or – more important – a spiritual person, you have to be a vegan. Being a vegan not only means you’re a high-class spiritualist. As a vegan, your spirituality gets even more spiritual because you no longer carry any of the low-vibration toxins of hate. And because your baseline energy levels are too low to have enough mental focus to hate anything, you’re a more loving person.

Now is a good time to re-read between the lines here. I’m not vegan (but I love juicing!), but I’m not full of hate either, just very little, haha! I’m working on being full of love, so JP needs to update his stats real soon!

To be Ultra Spiritual, JP suggests we lean more towards a plant-based diet.

Here’s why:

  • Your vibration is higher. Plants possess a higher vibration. The higher your vibration, the higher your amounts of spirituality are.
  • Your vibration isn’t lower. Of course.
  • You ingest more living enzymes. Enzymes bring more life into your body, and a vegan diet is where you can get the most of them.
  • You consume more nutrients. Three nutrients you need to achieve exquisite health are carbohydrates, fiber and chlorophyll – all present in a vegan diet.
  • You ingest higher amounts of life force. There’s only one nutrient your spirit needs – “life force” – which you can get through veganism.
  • You’re not a murderer. JP hopes he doesn’t have to explain this.
  • You care about animal rights. When you care about animals, it makes you more loveable.
  • You have fewer toxins. Cleansing will become your favorite pastime.
  • It’s good for the environment. JP is having second thoughts on this.
  • You lose muscle mass. This is good for your yoga practice.

Here’s why we really need to go vegan: we don’t.

We just have to be full of love. That’s what makes us ultra-human. And being ultra-human is being spiritual.

jp sears ultra spiritual

The Power of Soon

Very little presence has been found in the past. Some presence is in the now, but most presence is found in the soon. When you and I look to be present, we need to direct our focus to be present in the future. The unlimited power of the soon is waiting for you there, but you have to be present with it or else you won’t be there to claim your bounty of peace that is rightfully yours!

We’re already aware of the hackneyed spiritual teaching of the power of Now. But according to His Enlightenedness, whose teachings are more advanced (literally, because soon > now), there is even more power in the Soon!

We know that being present frees us from the burdens of the past. What we tend to overlook though is we can also get stuck in the present.

I’m now soon starting to believe that even higher spiritual beings are channeling His Enlightenedness for his teachings. Similar to what JP teaches, Abraham Hicks advises us to be more of a visionary than an observer. Leveraging the Power of Soon, visionaries thrive regardless of what’s happening in the now.

To better understand the Power of Soon, Master JP asks “Where are all your hopes and dreams found?” Turns out that the soon is a place, not a time. And places exist.

In fact, perhaps one of JP’s followers, Abraham calls this place “the vortex” — the vibrational reality where all our creations (created by our thoughts) already exist. And the only way to get there is to be there… soon!

spiritual quote

Mentally Disconnected

It’s important that you understand, in clear terms, the most important foundational principle of communing more deeply with your spirit. The principle is this: mind disconnection equals spirit connection.

Brace your hearts, my brothers and sisters. Prepare to be astounded more by this teaching of His Enlightenedness.

The most powerful way to connect to your spirit is by disconnecting from your mind,” said the Ultra Spiritual Master.

Consider this question: How do I make my heart beat slower?

Slowing your heartbeat has nothing to do with doing anything to make it beat slower; it has everything to do with not doing the things that make it beat faster.

Stop breathing fast. Stop worrying. Stop picturing JP naked (especially this). Stop thinking thoughts that make your heart beat faster.

When you stop using your mind (stillness?), your spiritual attunement automatically improves.

In JP’s words, there’s nothing you need to do to commune with your spirit other than stop using your mind.

Get out of your head. Get in your heart!

jp sears

Merciless Meditation

It’s also important to note that meditation is the most effective way to become more meditative. The primary benefit of being more meditative is that it makes it easier to meditate, which then makes you more meditative, leading to more and better meditation – a transcendent cycle in the ecosystem of your consciousness.

What if we meditated long enough, practiced meditation enough that it becomes our way of living? It does!

Is that a good thing? It is. It reframes our minds that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Master JP has another way of putting it: you’re not living your life to live life — you’re living your life to live the spiritual life.

As with any practice, meditation will be very challenging at first. It’s not easy to tame the conditioned monkey mind. Not easy, but not impossible.

We have to practice, mercilessly. If we can, the challenging will soon become easy; the easy will soon become a way of living — a spirit-led life. (Soon is really powerful, I can feel it!)

jp sears ultra spiritual

Labeling Technique

What if I told you there’s a way that you could turn anything into a meditation? Would you believe me if I told you that right now I’m doing a question-asking meditation? Because I am. And now I’ve switched into a statement-writing meditation. How can you achieve such high-level Everything I do Is a Meditation spirituality? I’m glad you’re doing the asking-meditation now.

And you just switched into a reading meditation of what I just did — blogging meditation.

It’s an ancient technique called “labeling” that His Enlightenedness is now passing on to us. Thank you, Master JP.

He says it can be a healing art. Here’s how: notice whatever you’re doing. Got it? Now, simply place the word meditation after it. That’s it!

This methodology gives us all the benefits of meditation with none of the meditation.

No time for meditation? No problem. You can do it anytime.

Can you help me spread some awesomeness by doing share-this-on-Facebook meditation as soon as you finished reading meditation?

Thank you, soon.

meditation quote

I Can See You

To be a nonjudgmental person, you have to know how to define yourself based on what you aren’t. This can be a bit confusing as you inherently won’t know what you are… while judgments are the hallmark of the spiritually inferior, observations are the trademark of the spiritually superior.

We’re not making judgments here. We’re trying to make observations. Not to be superior to others (although that’s what it would seem from a judgmental perspective), but to become more spiritual.

Master JP guides us to be more understanding of judgmental people. Their judgments have nothing to do with us. They come from their own insecurities (a feeling of not good enough), so they judge because it makes them feel better (a feeling of more than good enough).

So how do we turn up the heat of our non-judgmentalness? Make “I can see” observations.

“I can see you’re upset.”

“I can see that you’re not being very awesome.”

See the implied non-judgmental observation by adding “I can see you”? That’s the way of the Ultra Spiritual warrior!

jp sears ultra spiritual

Next-Level Compassion

As opposed to accepting people for who they are, next-level compassion refers to the spiritually enhanced ability to accept people for who you want them to be.

The degree of your nonjudgment increases beyond measure: at this level, you’re not accepting who they are, so how could you possibly judge who they are?

Master JP states that nothing says I hate judgment like compassion says it hates judgment. Such an enlightening statement!

JP reminds us that with great observation (non-judgment) comes great responsibility. We have to help others become enlightened, too.

Compassion does that. It’s about accepting them. And acceptance, in JP’s writings, is significantly more helpful than actually helping them.

But we cannot also mistake acceptance for complacency, as just another excuse to stay in the comfort zone.

As we ascend to higher spiritual heights, we also have to step up the game. Enter Next-Level Compassion — to accept people for who you want them to be.

jp sears ultra spiritual

You leverage The Power of Soon as you consider who you want them to be, and to unconditionally accept that. You see them in their fullest potential!

See everyone in their Ultra Spiritual version, as if it’s all you can see.

And that includes you!

How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority


JP SEARS is a curious student of life, emotional healing coach, and satirist best known for his popular YouTube channel. JP’s “How to Be Ultra Spiritual” videos have accumulated nearly ten million views. Since 2006, he has offered emotional healing workshops around the world while maintaining a private practice in Charleston, South Carolina.

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