The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance

the golden key brandon beachum

It is your destiny to realize that being fully present is where all the treasures of abundance await to be discovered, and being present in the now naturally leads to greater trust in the unfolding of your life! – Brandon Beachum, The Golden Key

You know how like most people found that “key” that will unlock the door to what they want in life?

Well, that’s not exactly how it happened in my case… It was more like I was just browsing through my inbox one evening and noticed a new sender by the name of Brandon Beachum delivering what he calls, “The Golden Key.”

Intrigued, I opened it and found a link to an e-book he’s gifting away for free. It’s about unlocking abundance, which was the topic of my interest at the time. So I thought, “Why not? Heal yeah!”

And I’m glad I did. The book was a short read, containing The 7 Keys to Unlocking Infinite Abundance, all leading up to The Golden Key.

Imaging reading the golden nuggets from the best books on abundance (based on spiritual principles), solidified through Brandon’s personal experience. That’s what you can find in his book.

What’s even more amazing to me is it picked up where the last abundance book I read (The Soul of Money) left off — the caterpillar and butterfly metaphor. Talk about synchronicity!

Synchronicity it is how The Golden Key found its way to me, the same manner it’s unlocking the gates to your infinite abundance.

Let the floodgates open!

See the Oneness

You will also inevitably come to the realization that there is no separation between you and the abundance you desire. It has simply been lying dormant deep within the cells of your being, waiting for you to stir from your slumber.

Brandon stresses the importance of seeing the underlying oneness of everything as the foundational key to unlocking abundance. I couldn’t agree more!

It means seeing reality as an extension of oneself, which is all of us. This first key unlocks the knowing that everything is interconnected. Meaning to say that your dreams, or whatever else you desire, are already connected to you on some level.

Ask and it is given. In most channeling sessions, you’d often hear messages saying that everything is already here. We’re not just aware of them with the level of our awareness.

In the book, Brandon talks about this oneness from various approaches. The one I found remarkable was the phenomenon called Quantum Entanglement described by Albert Einstein.

the golden key

Entanglement happens when you bring two photons together. Once entangled, what you do with one also affects the other no matter the distance between them. They’re scientifically proven to be inseparable.

So are you to all that is. And so Brandon invites us to shift our perspective into seeing the oneness of all by implementing the mantra, “All is one, act accordingly.”

Act as if you already have everything — because you do.

The Game of Life

When you learn the patterns and rules of a video game and diligently follow them, you achieve higher and higher scores, ultimately unlocking more goodies the more you play. I firmly believe that is the situation in which we find ourselves and the reason most people aren’t as abundant as they would like to be is that they are playing the game of life and they don’t really know the rules.

I believe that the life we have on Earth is a game we’ve all set up for ourselves. And it was supposed to be fun!

Apparently, this game of life has been taken so seriously that it hasn’t been as enjoyable anymore as we’ve intended.

I sent a reminder in my last newsletter: We are spiritual beings who came to a material world (our playground) to know and experience who we are. And we remember who we are in the spirit of fun — the joy of our being.

In one podcast talk on abundance, the guest raised a question that points to fun as a magnet for abundance: If money were a person and two people invited money into their house, one was busy having serious business while the other was throwing a celebration party. Where do you think money would go?

Now, if life is a game, where do you think money would come to play? With someone having a hard fight or someone having all the fun in the world?

You bet. The only rule is to follow your joy.

the golden key

Focus on Joy

The correct formula to implement is actually Be-Do-Have. If you proactively make the decision by choosing to Be happy, you will find your world increasingly reflecting your happiness in the things you find yourself Doing and ultimately Having.

Following your joy also abides by the golden formula: Be-Do-Have. Brandon says that our job is to manage our vibration, that is aligning with the state of joy.

Being in alignment puts us on the right track. The path will be shown to us and we’ll know where our next turn is and what to do. Much like driving to our destination, eh?

Now, since we’re comparing it to driving, it’s only wise to heed the expert’s advice that Brandon shares in the book. World Champ race car driver Mario Andretti tells us his number one tip: “Don’t look at the wall. Your car goes where your eyes go.”

It translates as focus on where you want to go. Focus on joy.

As Brandon’s father always told him, “Keep it on the road.” It means staying on your path. And if you got off, go back to alignment.

the golden key

Be a Source-rer

As you align with the intention of your Higher Self, the ultimate intention of all intentions, experiencing incredible things such as manifesting your wildest dreams and miraculous healings are genuine possibilities, and even probabilities. By cleansing your connection with Source, dreams that once felt impossible, become inevitable.

“Source-rer.” Love that word. We’re not referring to the spell-casting witchcraft, but it is aligning your intention with the Source within you — what Brandon calls “the ultimate intention.”

In The Soul of Money, Lynne describes this as aligning money with our deepest, most soulful interests and commitments. It’s when money is used for our soulful expression, the expression of our Higher Self, of the Source. That’s how we become a “Source-rer.”

Brandon cites the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi as an example of aligning intention with the Source: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…” Or in the context of our discussion, an instrument of abundance.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Giving is the best expression of the Source, the best demonstration of abundance.

So if you want to become a Source-rer, be the source of that which you want to receive.

the golden key

Be, Be, Be

Whenever we are focused in the past or future, we are doing so at the expense of the present, and this is expensive indeed. And speaking of words holding a deeper meaning, I believe the present is called the present because it is the ultimate gift that we have been given!

I have a Q&A segment on my personal FB page where a young lady asked me how to deal with the emptiness she feels. I told her that the emptiness she feels is because of not being in the present moment. She’s absent, not present.

And if she’s absent, how would she notice what’s in her life right now? So I asked her to start noticing everything around her, no matter how trivial it may seem. And then, she might realize that the emptiness is not nothing, but everything she doesn’t notice when she’s not present in the moment.

Now, you could be practically correct when you say, “but the money I need is not here.” But what if that thing that excites you now could be monetized later on?

Abundance comes in many ways and in various forms. One form leads to another and another. Everything is connected, remember?

So what is this moment presenting to you right now? That is your key.

the bottle of now


You will learn to Trust the Mystery that fresh opportunities will always and inevitably present themselves. As you learn to trust everything, oftentimes completely unforeseen circumstances will arise that lead you to greater abundance than you ever could have found had you been on your previous path.

And as the paranoia of disconnection begins to dissipate, and you begin innerstanding that the Universe is seeking to evolve itself through you, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is leading you to the next greatest and grandest version of yourself.

Yup, you’ve read that right. It’s pronoia, not paranoia.

What does it mean? Whereas a person with paranoia fears the world he lives in, pronoia is the exact opposite. It’s believing that the Universe is conspiring in your favor.

Not merely believing, but a deeper knowing and understanding. Or in Brandon’s words, an “innerstanding” that life is not happening to you, but for you and through you.

You will come to this innerstanding when you start to trust the mystery, the 6th key to abundance.

You’ve probably heard from a lot of Law of Attraction teachings how essential letting go is to the manifestation of your desires. However, it’s often overlooked that the key to letting go, and therefore the key also to manifestation, is trust.

You can only fully let go once you have complete trust.

How would you know you’re in the state of pronoia? You feel at peace no matter what is going on around you.

Synchronicity after synchronicity shows up as a sign from the Universe that it has your back.

the golden key

Keep Your Heart Open

When your heart is open, and the abundance of the Universe is flowing through you, you will begin to see the silver lining in every rain cloud. You will start to realize that every lump of coal you receive is really just a diamond in disguise waiting for you to apply the alchemical perspective necessary to transmute it into its highest potential.

Brandon borrows this sage advice from The Untethered Soul, where Michael Singer counsels us to keep our hearts open no matter what.

It only makes sense. How can you receive if you’re not open? How can abundance flow if your doors are closed? Brandon reiterates that having an open heart is equivalent to having an open valve that allows in the abundance that emanates from Source.

Open heart means you stay open even when you don’t prefer what shows up in your life. And oftentimes, what shows up isn’t exactly what we ask for.

You ask for wisdom, life sends you trials. For wealth, poverty. For success, failure. For loving relationships, “toxic” people. These are especially the times when your heart needs to stay open.

Open your heart so you can have insight and innerstanding that blessings come wrapped in sandpaper.

The abundance you seek could be right in your hands. You only need to unwrap what it holds inside.

the golden key brandon beachum

Master the Youniverse

As you learn to Master the Youniverse, you will become increasingly adept at crafting the best story, by seeing the light in others, and by realizing that your eternal divine beingness is the ultimate abundance.

This is it, The Golden Key: Master the Youniverse. Simply put, it means the Universe is you and you are the Universe. It’s all you.

You have it all planned out. In The Path to Awesomeness, we call it the “soul plan.” You and your soulmates (which are also aspects of you) had an agreement, aka “soul contract,” that you have chosen to carry out in this lifetime on Earth.

And it’s all for love! We all came here for love even though our experiences are different from each other.

the golden key

So Brandon wants to remind us of the “divine dichotomy,” or the divine paradox that we are different and yet the same.

We are not only human. We are also divine.

On the one hand, you may experience lack and yet, on the other hand, your divine nature is abundance.

We get to choose what story we want to experience and the role we wish to play in the Youniverse we’re co-creating together.

The Golden Game

It is your destiny to eternally play among the cosmic fields as the star of the youniverse that you truly are. This game is meant to be a fun way to cultivate mutual abundance, by spreading the wisdom of these keys and inviting as many people as possible to flow abundant energy into this game with the youniverse.

Gametime! Time we put it all together and what better way to do it than playing a game. Life’s a game, after all.

Ready to have some fun and lots of abundance?

Step 1: Go to to download your copy of The Golden Key. Then after reading the book yourself, head back to the site, and click The Golden Game on the menu for more details.

Step 2: Ask yourself what form(s) of abundance you would like to unlock over the next 88 days. It could be physical healing, financial breakthrough, loving relationship, fulfilling career, or what have you.

Step 3: Write them down on paper, or document them in whatever way you like. Let your imagination run and your creativity flow.

Just remember the only rule that applies: Enjoy!

the golden key

The Rich-U-All Action Plan

This is how we create more abundance in the world—by aligning with love-centric endeavours, because love is the only resource that isn’t reduced or diluted when given away, rather it expands and creates more of itself by multiplying!

If there’s a game, there must be a game plan to put it into action. Brandon calls it “rich-u-all,” the daily ritual for creating abundance in your life and the world.

He recommends performing these exercises at least once a day for the next 88 days:

  1. Recite Your Mantra – right after you wake up and before going to sleep, recite this mantra 8 times: “I AM infinite abundance, I AM that which I seek.” Don’t just routinely recite it, but feel into it. To get into that feeling, imagine yourself already having the experience.
  2. Breathe It All In – become more aware of your breathing for a greater connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Practice conscious belly breathing at least once a day and take a moment all throughout the day paying attention to your breath. (In the book, you’ll find additional tips like body movements that you can incorporate into the breathing exercise.
  3. A-Bun-Dance – at least once a day, Brandon also encourages you to move your body and do the a-bun-dance. Remember, abundance is all about flow and your body is an energy vessel, so you’ve got to keep the energy flowing through movement.

the golden key

That’s it! Of course, you can always customize the rich-u-all to your liking. The key is not in what you’re doing but in how you’re doing it.

You are the master key!

The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance


BRANDON BEACHUM has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and in 2011 while living on a friend’s couch he co-founded what is present-day ResortShare. In 2015, ResortShare was named the 569th fastest-growing private company in America in the annual Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list. Later that same year, Brandon began focusing on his greatest passion, exploring consciousness and the “ultimate nature of reality” on The Positive Head Podcast. Positive Head was quickly met with critical acclaim and has consistently rated in the Top Five in the “Spirituality” category on iTunes/Apple Podcasts for several years and has amassed over fifteen million downloads.

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