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You Can Heal Naturally Muscle Testing

Every symptom you experience, no matter how small it is, the body is trying to communicate to you its need for help. The great news is that your body never lies. It can’t lie.

Our job is to assist the body in healing, by providing positive, higher conscious thoughts, supplying correct nutrients, removing toxins, and letting the body’s magical powers perform a miracle.

— Jerry Weber, You Can Heal Naturally: Learn the Art and Science of Muscle Testing

“Heal yeah!” That I can say more emphatically after reading this book and learning from Dr. Jerry Weber.

If health is in our hands — it is and we must take the responsibility if we want to be healthy — then this is one of, if not the most valuable information you can get your hands on.

I was first introduced to muscle testing through Dr. Brad Nelson’s The Emotion Code, also a powerful healing tool and a perfect companion to this. Truth is, I wasn’t able to fully utilize the power of The Emotion Code because I previously didn’t know how to muscle test myself.

But now, I do!

What happened was I saw this awesome documentary, The Way of Miracles (a must watch!), and in it, the featured doctor was using — guess what — muscle testing to determine the root cause of his patient’s illness and come up with the regimen to cure it, which I discovered later on to be similar to Dr. Jerry’s protocol.

My passion for natural healing was reignited and my interest in learning to muscle test spiked that I searched for a book that’s all about muscle testing so I can study it fully.

That’s how I found You Can Heal Naturally. The title was a bit of a giveaway since that’s the main theme of The Path to Awesomeness.

I’ve been on this path for more than a decade now, but learning the art and science of muscle testing and equipping myself with this tool has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I can now communicate with my higher mind, literally!

As a matter of fact, through muscle testing myself, I discovered and cleared a trapped emotion I didn’t know I had; a nutrient deficiency and PCB toxicity that can easily be corrected by supplementation; and through surrogate testing, the 2 trapped emotions acquired by our pet cat, Simba, were also released.

That’s for a start! After gaining more confidence in my muscle testing, I then tested for my sister and mother, and both cleared them of trapped emotions as well.

And it’s now my ardent desire to open the door to that new world for you, too.

Why Muscle Test?

I absolutely believe in medical treatment, pharmaceutical medications, and even surgery when it is absolutely necessary. The truth is that these medical options have saved millions of lives. Thank God for medicine. But, it doesn’t treat the “root cause” of the health concern.

The question is why muscle test when we have the most advanced medical facility to diagnose an illness? Because they can only diagnose the symptoms of the illness but not its “root cause.”

Take cancer, for example. Despite completing several rounds of surgery-radiation-chemo therapy, why does cancer keep coming back? And even worsens when it does.

Dr. Jerry cites in the book that the third leading cause of death is prescription drugs and medical treatment. Think about that.

Because we’re not dealing with the root cause, which is what the cancer symptoms have been trying to point out. The body has been dying (pun intended) to communicate with the person by sending messages through the symptoms he/she is having.

The answer is muscle testing to know those messages that come from the body so we can deal with them appropriately.

Healthcare or Sickcare

If you truly desire vibrant health you must learn about natural health. You must learn how to “read” the body’s cry for help. It’s not about a miracle product. It is about a simple system of health care that you can learn and use in the privacy of your home.

Dr. Jerry reminded me of the subtle anguish I initially had toward the medical system, hah! That emotion has been released and gone already, but the fact still remains: the medical system is one of sickcare, not healthcare.

Not to be misunderstood, Dr. Jerry clarifies that the medical system is best for emergencies, so rush to the hospital if we have one. But for curing the body, none of its services qualify as a “healthcare service.”

In The Awesome Life, I raise a question for awareness: are we taking care of our health? Or are we taking care of the sickness?

If the answer is health, then we must take an alternate route, the natural way towards it.

And learning how to do muscle testing is a step in the right direction.

How Muscle Testing Works

This muscle testing program is the perfect tool for you to use to match your body with the supplements, and foods that work the best for you. We are all individuals, with different needs. What is great for one person, might be terrible for another. Muscle testing is the best technique to confirm what is best for you. How does muscle testing work? It tests the energy flow of your body.

Dr. Jerry explains further why prescription drugs are not suitable for treatment. Simply because it’s man-made, synthetic, or artificial, which doesn’t match the “natural” body.

The side-effects we experience with those medications are the body’s way of saying, “Nope, not for me.”

So we have to know what the body is — it’s an electric body (bioelectric), in which the “Life Force” is flowing. When it’s flowing with ease, we have optimum health. When it’s not, we have dis-ease, hence the term disease.

All you have to do is find the blockages of energy in your body, and correct the imbalance naturally. Once that is accomplished the tissue will regain vital optimum life force, be at the perfect frequency, and reflect optimum health.

What muscle testing does is help us locate where the energy blockage is, the root cause of the dis-ease. It also tells us how we can address it, whether through supplementation (and what supplement is good for us) or any other means.

Once the root cause has been resolved, the body will know what to do to heal itself — naturally.

The Four Levels of Healing

There is an order of divine guidance that controls how energy flows through the body. Any where there is a “block” of negative energy, in any level of healing, it stops the vital life force to flow into that particular tissue, organ or gland.

Dr. Jerry tells us that true healing requires the awareness of not only what we can see, but also, and more importantly, what we can’t see.

There are Four Levels of Healing, starting from the (1) spiritual, (2) mental, (3) emotional, and (4) physical. The root cause of the dis-ease can be in any of them, although there could be blockages in more than one.

The book covers the physical aspect and Dr. Jerry does a wonderful job with it. He also touches on the emotional part in the closing chapters, which dovetails perfectly as a prelude to The Emotion Code.

Let’s go over briefly those levels we can’t see:

  • Emotional Level – here we’re dealing with trapped emotions acquired from negative experiences mostly from childhood. Note that they could be inherited, too, from past generations. Dr. Jerry warns that just because we don’t know they’re there doesn’t stop the damage from happening.
  • Mental Level – greatly affects the emotional level. What we believe, how we think, and how we perceive the world dictates how we feel. Negative thoughts lower our vibrational frequency to the level of sickness resulting in dis-ease
  • Spiritual Level – the highest level of healing that affects all of the other levels. Dr. Jerry says it’s the most important part of the healing process. To truly heal is to know who you truly are. (Check out The Path to Awesomeness Starter Kit for this level of healing)

Muscle testing cannot tell us who we are, but it can tell where healing is needed. And by knowing what’s not in alignment, what we are not, we get to know what we are.

The FUNdamentals of Muscle Testing

Don’t lose this chance to have something so unique, and practical, that you can use the rest of your life. Just, understand that it is going to take practice, persistence, practice, patience and more practice. You will go through a time that you believe you are controlling the test. Don’t worry. This too shall pass.

Dr. Jerry’s mentor once told him, “I feel sorry for people who can’t muscle test.”

I used to be one of those people. Like I mentioned earlier, The Emotion Code remained just a theory to me for years, simply because I don’t know how to muscle test. And I gave up on it thinking, “Ah, there’s a lot of other healing tools out there.”

Thanks to Dr. Jerry’s insistence, I’ve learned how to muscle test myself and I was able to unlock the full potential of not only The Emotion Code but also all the other modalities. I can now muscle test which one will work best for me or anybody else.

So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, learn how to muscle test. This skill is a game-changer!

There are several ways to do muscle testing. In the book, Dr. Jerry teaches arm testing (the common method), the tabletop method, the two-finger technique, and the slide technique.

I tried them all, hah! And even the other ones I found on YouTube. What clicked with me was the slide technique, using my snap fingers (thumb and middle fingers). This particular YouTube clip has helped me zero in on it. Then, I practice multiple times, 3 sessions per day — morning, afternoon, and evening sessions so I can hone the skill.

That’s what I’d suggest you do, too. It’s doable. You can do it. Just never give up until you find something that clicks. As Dr. Jerry says, once you have it, you’ll have it forever.

Body Balance Healing System

The Body Balance Healing System is a better way. It is more precise, repeatable and logical. You will learn about the body’s anatomy, and physiology. By communicating with your body, through the miracle of muscle testing, you can help your body heal naturally.

Each symptom must be tested separately. The more precise you are in asking questions, the more accurate you will be, and you will get better results. Muscle testing is great, because it is so precise, and accurate. Muscle testing is terrible, because it is so precise, and accurate.

Hah, love that last statement! Whether it makes for great or terrible news, muscle testing will reveal to you what your body knows.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, the next thing is to incorporate muscle testing into what Dr. Jerry calls The Body Balance Healing System. You will find that this system literally teaches you how to become your own doctor.

It consists of 5 General Steps:

  1. KNOW the root cause – is it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual? If physical, SELECT one of the ten systems where the root cause is located (Dr. Jerry has a dedicated chapter for each system and discusses them in detail in the book)
  2. LOCATE the precise part of that system where the imbalance is (refer to the Assessment Form)
  3. MEASURE the functioning of the area that is tested as the root cause (measured in terms of percentage)
  4. DETERMINE the reason why it is not functioning perfectly (see next section for the 4 causes)
  5. CHOOSE which supplement is best to correct the imbalance

Remember, there could be more than one reason for the same symptom. Once you’ve gone through the process, you can ask: “Is there another reason for this symptom?” If yes, simply repeat the process until each symptom has been addressed completely.

To give you a better picture of how it’s done, see Dr. Jerry’s demonstration with an actual patient in the video below:

The Reason for Disease

There is only one reason for disease – stress. All disease is dis-ease. The body is forced out-of-balance (homeostasis).

Your body has an innate ability to heal naturally. It has the intelligence of running your body every moment of your life. It knows what to do if we give it what it needs and not put stuff in the body that would hurt its ability to heal.

Stress — it’s the only cause of disease whose effects manifest as different symptoms in the body that we call by many names.

With the Body Balance Healing System, we focus primarily on the physical causes of stress. There are four, namely:

  1. Toxins – any unnatural substance that is not bioavailable or usable by the body. The liver is the main organ that deals with detoxing all the toxins in the body. They are then removed through the elimination systems, such as the lymph and kidneys.
  2. Parasites – any living organism that is using the body as a host. They create waste in the body, which is more harmful than the parasite itself. There are 3 groups of parasites: (a) parasitic animals, (b) micro parasites, and (c) parasitic plants. Dr. Jerry mentions the works of the Medical Medium to understand more about these parasites. One of which, the Epstein Barr virus, was discovered to be the common culprit in “autoimmune disorders.”
  3. Nutrient Deficiency – read The Awesome Life for Nutrient 101. Healthy eating is an obvious approach but Dr. Jerry adds that we need supplementation. And not just any supplement, but the ones that are best suited for the body.
  4. Tissue Damage – damage to cells, organs, veins, or any vital part of the body due to internal or external reasons.

Refer to the charts below for the list and the suggested supplement tried and tested by Dr. Jerry through years of successful practice.

Emotional Release Therapy

Positive emotions flow through the body effortlessly increasing the life force energy which creates vitality and vibrant health. Negative emotions get “stuck” in organs, glands, meridians and chakras which disrupt the natural flow, which causes the life force to be stagnate. Once this starts happening a symptom starts to appear. If these repressed emotions are not found and removed the body can never completely heal.

If there’s an emotional aspect to the cause of the dis-ease, which is more often than not, then we do have the Emotional Release Therapy to address the issue. It works in perfect conjunction with The Emotion Code and Dr. Jerry encourages us to learn and use both.

First, determine where the trapped emotions are located in your body. You can use the Assessment Form again for reference and then by muscle testing, ask the question: “Is this organ, gland, chakra, or meridian happy?”

Alternatively, you can also do the “thymus point”. Using the pointer finger and the middle finder, simply point to the thymus gland (without directly touching it) and name each organ, gland, chakra, or meridian while muscle testing. If it tests weak, there’s a trapped emotion/s.

Next to know is how many trapped emotions are there in that location. If there are more than five, proceed to clearing them with the Emotional Release Therapy. We do the same swiping method in The Emotion Code.

To recap, here’s Dr. Brad demonstrating the swipe:

Now, there’s just a slight variation with the Emotional Release Therapy. Along with the swiping, there’s the adding of the “Five Magic Words.” The five words are Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Peace. Do 3 swipes per word, for a total of 15 swipes, placing the intention and focusing on the location.

Once done, check again by asking, “Is this organ, gland, chakra, or meridian happy?”

Repeat the process until all trapped emotions are cleared. Use The Emotion Code alternately for clearing a specific emotion if necessary.

The Finger Print Frequency System

The Finger Print Frequency System can measure the “personal vibration” of any tissue, cell, organ or gland. It enables you to find the exact frequency of each toxin, parasite and/or nutritional deficiency that is causing the lower vibration.

This is the advanced level of muscle testing. How advanced? Dr. Jerry writes, “The recorded frequencies (in this book) are as accurate as the FBI fingerprints of a person.”

It requires the knowledge that everything is vibration. That vibration can be measured by frequency.

Dr. Jerry says each of us has a “personal vibration” that dictates the condition of our health. As we grow and age, the vibration gets lowered by the causes we talked about earlier (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

Higher vibration creates better health. Lower vibration brings on illness.

Want to know the frequency of perfect health? It’s 12.9-15 (twelve nine to the fifteenth power).

Either higher or lower than that frequency means dis-ease. So by muscle testing, the question to ask is: “Is this organ, gland, system, tissue, or cell frequency exactly “twelve – nine to the fifteenth power?”

If it’s not, ask whether it’s vibrating higher or lower, then refer to the Frequency Cascade Chart (in the book) to determine the root cause of the symptom.

If it happens to be caused by toxins, you will refer to the Toxin Chart (arranged by frequency) to find out the specific toxin.

Again, this is an advanced method not ideal for beginners. Once you have mastered the standard process we’ve covered here, you can then upskill later on.


The Appendix is a collection of charts which you will use on your health quest. Enjoy the journey and keep on muscle testing. The more you muscle test, the better muscle tester you will become. Using the techniques and knowledge in You Can Heal – Naturally can help you become a master muscle tester.

Body Balance Healing System Assessment Form

Use the Assessment Form below to go through each system in the designated order as advised by Dr. Jerry.

In The Way of Miracles documentary, one man had developed an “autoimmune” disease in his ears that affected his hearing. Using muscle testing, it was discovered that the root cause was in his lymph system.

So just because the symptom is manifesting in one part doesn’t mean the root cause is localized in that area. Remember, we have to see the body whole and treat it holistically.

Work on all the symptoms you’re having until there is none.

muscle testing assessment form
Click to open and download the printable PDF file

Nutrient and Supplement Chart

You’ll find the Nutrient Chart and the Supplement Chart separate in the book, but I’ve combined them here in one chart for easier reference.

muscle testing nutrient and supplement chart
Click to open and download the PDF file with links

If the symptom you’re muscle testing on is caused by nutrient deficiency, you can find out by elimination:

“Is the nutrient in Column 1 (Acidophilus – Manganese)? Column 2 (Molybdenum – Zinc)?”

Next, “Is it in the odd-numbered rows? Even-numbered rows?”

If odd, “Is it in Row 1? Row 3?” If even, “Is it in Row 2? Row 4?”

You will then have narrowed it down to a few items. Continue muscle testing until you have specified the nutrient.

Each nutrient has one or more options for the supplement. Simply click on the link and it will redirect you to the supplement page.

In the book, there’s also a separate chart for the toxin, parasite, and tissue damage with their corresponding supplement.

I could not thank Dr. Jerry enough for his generosity in sharing this body of knowledge. When put into practice, it’s truly healing, life-changing.

We know the body can heal itself if we can only listen to its innate wisdom. With muscle testing, now we can.

You can naturally… heal yeah!

You Can Heal Naturally: Learn the Art and Science of Muscle Testing

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JERRY WEBER, N.D. is a Naturopath doctor who specializes in helping people heal naturally. He has helped thousands of patients regain their health using muscle testing combined with anatomy and physiology.

Visit him at and his practice at Health & Wellness of Carmel,

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