Money and The Law of Attraction

Everything that you want is because you think you will feel better in the having of it. Whether it’s money or a material object or a relationship or an experience, circumstance, event—everything that you want is because you think if you had it, you would feel better; and when you discover that just the idea of it will make you feel better, now you’ve achieved the vibrational essence of it. And then, the Law of Attraction has to yield it to you in all of the intricate details that your life has caused you to carve out for yourself. It has to be; and, in fact, it is. – Abraham Hicks, Money and The Law of Attraction

I’ve been following Abraham Hicks since 2014, mostly the recordings, have read 3 of their books, but this one piqued my interest more since it’s particular to the topic of money.

I feel like I’m also in a better position now to share what I’ve learned so far after coming off a 3-year financial crisis (2014-2017) and turn the mess into a message that I wish would be beneficial to everyone.

By the way, I would recommend reading Ask and It Is Given first because it covers the basics of the Law of Attraction (LoA), the emotional guidance system (your “inner GPS”), the emotional scale (very important knowledge), and the 22 LoA tools you can use to apply the principles. It’s like Law of Attraction 101.

Interestingly, even though Abraham admittedly says that they teach the same thing over and over, I seem to gain new insight every time. The teachings never get old!

And just when I thought I would go through the same lectures in this book, Abraham once again offers fresh perspectives. I have bookmarked 46 pages and quoted numerous passages evident to that. Talk about abundance!

One that stood out is how closely intertwined money and health is, which is why Abraham gives a great deal talking about health in the conversation around money.

On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, you’d be surprised to find out how hard work is of little significance to having money, especially if this is your first time learning about the teachings of Abraham.

Let’s get straight into it!

Pivoting: Tell a Different Story

When you make the conscious correlation between what you have been feeling and what is actualizing in your life experience, now you are empowered to make changes. If you are not making that correlation, and so continue to offer thoughts of lack about things you want, the things you want will continue to elude you.

You have only one seemingly small but potentially life-changing thing to do: You have to begin telling your story in a new way. You have to tell it as you want it to be.

Pivoting is one of the 22 processes introduced in the other book, Ask and It Is Given, that Abraham emphasizes more here for its simplicity.

Simple because there are only 2 subjects to consider: what you DO NOT want and what you DO want.

In the context of our discussion, what we DO NOT want is the lack of money and what we DO want is the abundance of money.

It’s easy to tell by the way you feel what subject you’re on: you feel bad when you focus on what you DO NOT want; you feel good when you focus on what you DO want.

This underlies the importance of paying attention to what you are feeling in any given moment for you to pivot effectively.

How do you feel about money now, good or bad? If bad, it means you’re focused on what you DO NOT want, the lack of it.

PIVOT! Shift your focus.

But how can you focus on the abundance of money that you don’t have, right?

Pivot again. Pivot to something else you do have that feels good. Maybe you have an abundance of health. Or an abundance of ideas. Or an abundance of what have you.

You do not have to wait for a good thing to happen in order to feel good, for you have the ability to direct your thoughts toward improved things no matter what is currently present in your experience. And when you care about how you feel and you are willing to pivot and turn your attention toward better-feeling thoughts, you will quickly begin the positive, deliberate transformation of your life.

Just tell yourself a different story, one that feels good.

The subject doesn’t really matter. What does is the feeling of abundance because the Law of Attraction responds to your feeling.

Good things, including money, can’t come into your life if you feel bad about them.

Now, tell me how the story would go if you had lots and lots of money?

money and the law of attraction

Attract Money While You Sleep

Your action orientation in life causes you to believe that it takes hard work to make things happen, but as you learn to deliberately direct your thoughts, you will discover that there is tremendous leverage and power in thought. Because of your action orientation, you often try too hard and work too hard. And as a result of that, most of you bring yourselves more to the attention of what is wrong (or more to the attention of what needs to be fixed) than you do to the attention of what you desire.

Honestly, if you had lots and lots of money, and I mean LOTS and LOTS of money, would you still work hard for it?

Or put another way, if you had no money, as in like less than $2 left in your wallet (true story), would you still work hard for it?

Working hard wouldn’t make any sense if you have no job or business to work for, would it? Obviously, hard work is not the answer.

Abraham says oftentimes, hard work even makes the situation worse because you reinforce the idea of the problem — the thought of lack.

More action is not the solution when the problem is in your thinking.

Law of Attraction

And we just learned how to fix our thinking through pivoting. The good news is there’s a much more convenient approach to it — sleep.

Sleep time is not only rest time. It is also reset time. It resets your thinking, which helps in bringing you back to alignment.

Abraham suggests we use another tool, Positive Aspects, for our evening and morning routine.

Before you go to sleep, recall the pleasant things that happened during the day. When you find them, ponder them. Think about the details and what your favorite part was. Linger on those as you drift off to sleep while also feeling the comfort of your bed, the softness of your pillow, or anything that feels good.

When you wake up, lie for a little while and offer good-feeling thoughts such as: Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for things that feel good. (Also try the Body Scan in The Path to Awesomeness Starter Kit)

Then continue looking for positive aspects of your surroundings as you go about your day. When something goes off, remember to pivot. Repeat the process every day.

As you move through your day, look for more reasons to laugh and more reasons to have fun. When you want to feel good, you do not take things so seriously; and when you are not taking things so seriously, you are not as likely to notice the lack of things wanted; and when you are not focusing upon the lack of what you desire, you feel better—and when you feel better, you attract more of what you do want … and your life just gets better and better.

Fill the Gap, Feel the Money

The things that you have and the things that you do are all meant to enhance your state of being. In other words, it’s all about how you feel, and how you feel is all about coming into alignment with who-you-really-are. When you tend to your alignment first, then the things you gather and the actions you perform only enhance your good-feeling state of being. But if you do not find that vibrational balance first and attempt to make yourself feel better by bringing more things into your experience or participating in more activities in order to try to make yourself feel better, you just get further out of balance.

Let’s review the first statement where Abraham points to an essential key – the be-do-have paradigm (which we first touched on Creative Visualization):

The things you have and the things you do are meant to enhance your state of being.

Enhance, meaning to say, if your state of being is bad, having and doing makes it worse. If your state of being is good, having and doing make it better.

Having and doing are only an enhancer of who you are and your state of being, which you can determine by the way you feel.

Having more (money) and doing more (hard work) cannot compensate for your being or feeling less than who-you-really-are that is always aligned with your Inner Being.

That’s why even doing more and having more still feel not enough. Because the not-enough is not about your doing or having, but your being.

Having and doing cannot make up for your misalignment, the void you feel, or the “vibrational gap” between who you are and your Inner Being.

Filling that void, closing that gap, is achieved through aligning your thoughts with the thoughts of your Inner Being; through pivoting, looking for positive aspects, meditation, affirmation, visualization, and the many other tools you can find in The Path to Awesomeness.

And then something interesting happens: the things you want begin to enter into your experience, not to fill the void, but because the void no longer exists. They come to you as a result of your alignment.

That’s the state of being in the flow, in grace, in AWESOMENESS.

money and the law of attraction

Let the Money Breathe

A belief in shortage will never resonate with your broader knowing, because there is no shortage. Any attention to lack of something wanted will always produce negative emotion within you because your Guidance is letting you know that you have strayed from your broader basic understanding of abundance and Well-Being.

Do you feel uncomfortable spending your money?

Two pieces of advice to keep in mind: one from Tosha, that it’s not your money; the other is from Louise, love your bills.

To drive the point home, Abraham compares it to the air we breathe – there’s no shortage of it. You don’t breathe all the air in the world and save it to last until your last day on Earth, hah! Each day, you simply inhale and exhale enough air you need every moment. You breathe easy knowing the air naturally flows.

Like air, money can flow into your experience with the same ease. You can easily let it in and gently let it out, knowing there’s an abundant supply of it.

Just as you don’t hold your breath because it’s not your air, you don’t have to guard or secure your money because it’s not yours to keep. “There’s more where that came from.” Let the money breathe.

Now, you don’t have to spend right away if you still feel uncomfortable about it. The discomfort means there’s a vibrational gap you need to fill in. Alignment first, remember?

So Abraham suggests going at it vibrationally. Meaning, if you have $100 in your pocket, or whatever amount you have, think of all the ways it can afford you. Notice the things you could purchase or the experiences you could buy with it.

While it doesn’t really buy you anything, what it does is improve your vibrational spending capacity. If you’ve mentally spent $100 a thousand times, you’ve vibrationally spent $100,000. It enriches your vibrational standpoint and shifts your point of attraction, which is what it takes for more money to flow, really.

Law of Attraction

Better Health, Better Money

The idea of “success,” for most people, revolves around money or the acquisition of property or other possessions—but we consider a state of joy as the greatest achievement of success. And while the attainment of money and wonderful possessions certainly can enhance your state of joy, the achievement of a good-feeling physical body is by far the greatest factor for maintaining a continuing state of joy and Well-Being.

Health is wealth, indeed! Abraham says that being healthy is the greatest factor in having a wealthy point of attraction.

Because we experience everything through the perspective of our physical body, everything looks good when we feel good about our body. And a good-feeling body is a powerful basis for an ongoing good attitude.

Abraham adds that not only does a good-feeling body promote positive thoughts, but also, positive thoughts promote a good-feeling body. It’s an ongoing loop.

But the same is true of a bad-feeling body and bad-feeling thoughts. It’s just spinning on a different disc, as Abraham would put it.

When we’re stressed about money, it negatively affects our health, doesn’t it? Because our state of being translates faster to the condition of our physical body.

So we have to be discerning what loop we’re in, the negative or the positive? Because, to play Abraham’s disc on loop, the worse it gets, the worse it gets; the better it gets, the better it gets.

Law of Attraction

Happiness is Your Job

We would like you to see your “career” as one of creating a joyful life experience. You are not a creator of things or a regurgitator of what someone else has created or a gatherer of stuff. You are a creator, and the subject of your creation is your joyful life experience. That is your mission. That is your quest. That is why you are here.

Most people, myself included, are quick to assume that having more money will afford us the freedom we seek. And yes, it can. Financial freedom gives us more time to spend on things that matter most to us.

But often, in pursuit of the money, we tend to sacrifice the very thing that we seek – freedom. We work hard, which means having to sacrifice the time for the things that matter most to us. We’re working on it backward.

Abraham says that our truest desires are freedom, joy, and growth. But we don’t need to work hard for them. They don’t need to be earned because we are already worthy of them. And our existence alone is the proof of that worthiness. There is nothing else to prove.

Whatever those desires represent for us – money, career, relationships, anything – Abraham tells us that the Universe, by the Law of Attraction, has the wherewithal to fulfill them to the last detail.

However, it is not our job to dictate the Universe the details by which they have to come. They will continue to change and evolve over time because of the variety of life experiences we will have.

What remains constant is our desire to be happy. That is our quest.

So instead of searching for a career that will produce enough money to make us happy, Abraham encourages us to make the quest for happiness our lifelong career.

If happiness becomes what we do for a living, abundance in all ways will flow into our experience – including money.

money and the law of attraction

Appreciate Your Money

Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. It is the absence of resistance. It is the absence of doubt and fear. It is the absence of self-denial or hatred toward others. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want—when you tell the story of how you want your life to be —you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.

Being in the state of appreciation is the vibrational alignment that gives us what Abraham calls the “tuned-in, tapped-in, turned-on” feeling.

It’s the feeling of aligning with what our life experiences have caused us to become. Appreciation is what we feel when we have filled the void and closed the gap. Abraham describes it as being in love, since love and appreciation are identical vibrations.

Meanwhile, there’s a difference in essence between appreciation and gratitude. Abraham explains that gratitude can come from a struggle that you’ve overcome, and therefore still carries some sort of struggle in your vibration. And so, there’s still some gap left to close.

Which is okay because it’s what makes you know appreciation. You won’t know that which is if you didn’t know that which is not, yes? You won’t appreciate the “up” if there was no “down.”

So in your quest towards happiness, the work is to go up the emotional scale gradually. If you’re in despair, Abraham says to just aim for hatred because it takes you up a notch. From hatred up a notch to anger. From anger to frustration. From frustration to hope.

Once you’re in the vicinity of hope, now you can start looking for the positive aspects. That will put you into the state of gratitude. And soon enough, with practice, you’ll be in the state of appreciation.

Law of Attraction

How does this apply to money? We can borrow from Happy Money author, Ken Honda’s practice of Arigato Money Technique. It’s a gesture of appreciation for the money coming in and out, the flow of money in your life.

Whether it’s a dollar or a thousand, appreciating what you have gets you in the same state of appreciation.

The real value of money is the value you give it. When you learn to appreciate it, it appreciates.

Alignment = Time = Money

Shortage of time is not your problem. Shortage of money is not your problem. Shortage of Connection to the Energy that creates worlds is what is at the heart of all sensations of shortage that you are experiencing. Those voids or shortages can be filled with only one thing: Connection to Source and alignment with who-you-really-are.

Oooh, loved this one! It ties into the insight we had earlier: just as there’s no shortage of air, there’s no shortage of money. And because money relates to time, it goes to say that there’s also no shortage of time.

People often complain they’re too busy and don’t have enough time for other things, such as meditation, artworks or creative projects, or getting rest, which is far more important and productive than plain busyness.

But when we say we don’t have enough time, what we really mean is we don’t have enough energy – the energy that comes from alignment.

Abraham says that alignment affects our perception of time (and everything else for that matter), as well as the results we allow.

Without alignment, it will always feel like there’s so much to do but so little time. And because of that, we rely too much on action. The problem is, as Abraham keeps saying, action can never compensate for misalignment.

This is not to discount what action can do. Abraham only reminds us to leverage on alignment so we don’t have to force the doors to open.

Because once we learn to cooperate with the Universe, or what Abraham refers to as being a “cooperative component,” we’ll find that the doors open for us and things line up on perfect timing.

money and the law of attraction

Your Money Gauge

Whatever you’re living, whether it is about your body or whether it is about your relationship or whether it is about your money—no matter what it is about—whatever you’re living is only a temporary, in-the-moment indicator of your temporary, in-the-moment vibrational offering. That’s all it is.

Abraham emphasizes the importance of understanding that what you’re living is the indicator of your vibrational alignment.

But more important to understand is that it’s only an indicator.

Abraham likens it to a fuel gauge of your car. When you see that the indicator shows you’re running on empty, you simply go to the gas station to refuel.

But you don’t look at the gauge in horror, telling yourself, “How did this happen? Why is this happening to me? Why, why, why?!” (LOL) You don’t bang your head on the steering wheel, blame yourself, and have all this guilt trip… You simply fill up.

Your current circumstance is the same thing – it’s just an indicator. It doesn’t mean your life is over because every situation is only temporary.

Just as the car can’t run on not enough gas, money can’t also come in on not enough vibration.

Your disappointment is your indicator that you’re not letting money in — and no money coming in is an indicator, too.

So there’s the emotional indicator – feeling good or feeling bad, and there’s the physical indicator of manifestation – what’s happening in your life.

It begs to pay attention to both, especially your feelings because they also tell you if you’re going in the right direction. You feel good when it’s toward what you DO want. You feel bad when it’s toward what you DO NOT want.

What does your money gauge indicate?

Keep Going, Money is Coming

There’s a buffer of time between you offering a vibration and it manifesting. More than 99 percent of every creation is completed by you vibrationally before the evidence begins to show.

You’ve got to feel it first, and once the vibration is stable within you—the realization of it has to come. The Law of Attraction must bring you the path, the method, the co-creators, and the results that you are conjuring vibrationally. When you conjure prosperity in your vibration, prosperity must come in real life experience, and it will come in so many ways—it will come as you turn every corner.

We’ve heard it all before. In Ask and It Is Given, we’ve learned to go in the direction of what you want. But I can’t help but laugh when I find myself wanting to turn back and I imagine Abraham yelling at me, “keep going!”

money and the law of attraction

Abraham says it’s like traveling from Phoenix to San Diego, and San Diego is where you want to be. But for most of the distance of 400 miles, you’re not where you want to be. You’re not yet in San Diego.

But just because you’re not yet in San Diego doesn’t mean you become frustrated and lose hope that you won’t get there. Somewhere in the middle, you won’t complain of not getting anywhere and decide to turn around and go back to Phoenix.

And that’s what we usually do, hah! We want something, we go for it, and then somewhere along the way we give up. It’s like saying, “San Diego is not meant for me… I don’t deserve San Diego… San Diego is an impossible dream… San Diego is incurable… I tried everything but I’m not getting to San Diego…”

When in fact, we are! You are! If you keep going, while staying on course (in alignment), you can see that you’re getting close, and closer and closer.

The cliché’ is true, it’s all about the journey. Abraham even says there’s no destination because we’ll never get it done. There is simply more coming.

So we just have to keep going. Money will eventually come along for the ride, but it’s really never about it. It’s about what we experience in the having of it, that good feeling when we have the money, or the relationship, or whatever it is we want.

And while what we want is still on its way, we can choose to feel good right here, right now!

Feel good and just keep going.

Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

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PS: Thank you for taking the time to read. Tell me, what insight most resonated with you?

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