Manifesting 1 2 3 and You Don’t Need #3

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Manifesting is not a pass/fail course. Your creations are all works in progress, evolving in different ways and at various times. – Ken Elliot

Hope we’re all coming off refreshed from our previous post, being happy with what is. Because whatever that is, wherever you are in your journey, you can always start creating your life anew and manifest your dreams!

Speaking of which, we’ve got something here that makes it easier: Manifesting 1 2 3 and You Don’t Need #3

Easy because #3 naturally happens and #2 is simply replaying #1… That’s it!

Quick-read, you can go right ahead using the simple tool presented in the book. Concepts are well-organized, building on top of another. Stories of people using the Manifesting 123 method are very inspiring. Ken is one funny and engaging storyteller!

The awesome part in my experience was, after writing down insights from a previous page, my ideas appeared on the following page in the book! Talk about instant manifestation of thoughts!

Ok, just to be sure we’re on common ground, we’re leveraging the Law of Attraction as we discuss the power of thoughts.

Of course, there’s still physical work necessary. As you can see, Law of Attraction is not the one typing these words. 😀 Got to do our part my friend!

Ready to show up for your dreams?

1, 2.. Here we go!

Law is Law

We have fundamental laws of nature that constantly work… gravity is a natural law and it simply pulls things to the ground. Always.

Thought is a natural law as well, building objects or concepts as you imagine them.

It doesn’t matter if you believe this concept or not. Your thoughts will continue to create anyway.

Is there a need to believe in gravity for it to work? No. It simply works whether we believe it or not.

A waterfall is not dependent upon our understanding of gravity, religion or belief system. It’s natural.

Gravity is also not choosy. Whether one is a “good” person and the other is a “bad” person, both will fall if they jump off a building.

Same applies to the law of thought. Believe it or not, our thoughts create all the time.

So Ken wants us to keep this in mind. We don’t have to be expert, gifted or a believer to be a success at manifesting. Creating and manifesting is our birthright!

In the Beginning was a Smoke

Wishes, intentions and thoughts begin to form up on the other side like wisps of smoke. The more you think on them, the more “layers” of intention you give these thoughts, the more solid they become.

Ken here is relaying an insight he gained from a series of experiments he conducted with his clairvoyant friend. (Really fascinating story!)

So what’s on the other side? A vibrational reality. A non-physical realm where thoughts begin to take form like smoke, which becomes thicker, denser as we pay attention to it.

Abraham Hicks refers to this as the “molding of the clay.” The clay takes shape based on the thoughts we mold it with.

It’s malleable, so we can always adjust its appearance to our liking.

This time gap in the creation process gives us leeway before the clay hardens into a solid physical object, the manifested form of our thoughts.

Service Elevator

At the heart of this experience I knew that thought is real. It is as effective as pushing an elevator button. The elevator starts to move toward you. Sometimes it comes quickly; sometimes it has to move a longer distance to eventually reach you. No matter, it’s coming towards you because you pushed the button.

If there’s a service elevator that can take you to 56th floor, would you still take the stairs?

Most people would! They prefer doing all the physical labor despite the fact that there’s an easier route available at one’s disposal.

Take the elevator my friend. Allow it to carry you to your destination with grace and ease.

You might be surprised who else it’s picking up along the way. Your crush could be just on the 6th floor!

PS: There’s an emergency stop button in case you need extra time. *wink from the Universe*

The Movie

Let’s put it all together and create a template for using thought in the most powerful and streamlined way. You will imagine that you’re in your future and you specify what you see, then you’ll express how grateful you are. Your gratefulness is an expression of love.

The Movie is your “perfect” life that is already happening in the future.

What would it be like for you?

Here’s a script template provided for you:
“I am in my future, and in my future _______________________________________
and I am so very grateful.”

And here are some examples:
“I am in my future, and in my future I have perfect health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I am so very grateful.”

“I am in my future, in my perfect home with my family and I am so very grateful.”

““I am in my future, and in my future I have a fulfilling and rewarding career doing what I love and I am so very grateful.”

Then allow your imagination to work on the specifics if you wish. The future is malleable and you hold the clay in your hands.

Make it a fun exercise. Feeling grateful, feeling good is a sign that it’s manifesting!

The Oops Factor

One of the earliest results from my Movie is that I felt happier. When watching my Movie, I was happy of course, but this joy was spilling over into my life.

Perhaps it is easier and quicker to manifest joy rather than a new career.

Sometimes your Movie will bring you an unexpected outcome.

If we get to the bottom of it, whether it’s health, relationship, career or money – all of it – it really boils down to this root desire: to be happy.

What we really want to manifest is a state of being, not a state of having.

When we’re in that state of Happiness, we feel awesome, joy, peace, in love. And that can happen now. Truth is it can only happen now! That’s what instant manifestation really is.

But there’s an “Oops Factor” – the letting go.

To be happy may involve letting go of some things – the unfulfilling job, the unhealthy relationship, or whatever is no longer serving us.

In the words of Joseph Campbell, “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Convert Worry

Convert that worry to a line item on your to-do list or place it in your calendar. Quit carrying an emotionally loaded thought that can take you where you don’t want to go.

Your worries are now to-do items, just neutral dates on your calendar. You haven’t neglected any responsibility, you’re not dealing with everything all at once and you’re not fueling these concerns with negative emotions.

When you’re worried, breathe first. Don’t do anything else yet. Just breathe.

As you breathe, become aware of that worry feeling. Allow yourself to feel it. You’ll notice that it will slowly dissipate by itself.

Then you can think better. You can think of some action plan or to-do list on your calendar that can address your concerns. And you don’t need to act on them all at once.

We only need to shift our attention. Ken suggests playing the Movie in our mind where those concerns no longer exist. Whew!

What we did was converting worry to an okay feeling. From that, better ideas and solutions can start flowing to our mind because it’s no longer clouded by worry.

#3 Needs You

Truly, if you could see who you really are in full form, you would be stunned at the power, potential and the love that you hold and project. We are all capable of amazing feats.

Don’t go into your Movie thinking you have to be a perfect Supergirl or Superman. You’re just going to trip up on your own cape. All you have to do is quietly flow through the parts of your Movie as a child would do, and nothing exceptional of you is required.

The reason why you don’t need #3 is because that’s who you already are. As we’ve discussed in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, your superhuman potential already exists in the quantum field (non-physical, vibrational reality).

It’s you that you are manifesting! It’s your being that you are becoming. It’s your potential that you are actualizing.

I love Matt Kahn’s (author of Whatever Arises, Love That) perspective on Law of Attraction. He says what we we’re imagining is already manifested. And we see it not through imagination but through intuition.

I truly believe that everything you want already exists in the infinite field of possibilities. It’s already in place. The only thing that needs falling into place is you.

Planting a Flag

When you are Planting a Flag, your mind and physical actions are combined. You’re manifesting a future event and at the same time, you’re willing to commit to a physical action. These two strong intentions, one of the mind and another linking to the physical world, point you to where you want to go: It’s where the flag is.

When you go to your Movie, you are planting seeds of intention.

But when we plant seeds, we know that we can’t simply leave it to chance hoping that the environment alone can make them grow and bear fruit someday.

We are the gardener. So we have to do some gardening.

We have to do the action part in the Law of Attraction.

There’s the part that says “Act and you shall receive.”

Act now like you are receiving.

The Equivalents

Don’t limit yourself by conforming to the common view. Health, happiness and comfort come in a variety of forms.

Don’t discount the “equivalent” of money coming your way. You could find that you have to pay less to live or you may come into some unexpected income. There are thousands of money equivalents that can present themselves. The equivalent of money spends just like money.

Though we commonly associate abundance with money, abundance comes in many forms.

I am personally grateful, now and always, for the abundance of my health. Put into perspectives, I consider the huge savings that good health affords me.

I feel abundant when I’m with my family and loved ones.

I get to read the books I feature in the blog for free. And I feel abundant for the opportunity to share insights with you by doing what I love – writing. Following this trail of abundance has opened up more opportunities that were beyond my reach before.

Passing the mic to you! How does abundance appear in your life that you haven’t noticed previously?

What are the things you’re grateful for? Notice them. Celebrate them!

The Future is Happening Now

People are reporting that after they have done the Manifesting 1, 2, 3 for a time, something unusual happens: Out of the blue, they just wake up happier. It just happens.

It could also be that they have the equivalent of one foot in the future at all times and a pleasant connection is made to the Now. Others observe that so many of their future scenes have come to pass that they often experience their future now.

So that’s really what we’re manifesting – happiness! The things that we desire are only manifestations.

Let’s go to your movie now, jump to some future event where one of your desires has manifested. Close your eyes and imagine.

Happy, yes?

When did the happy feeling happen? Now! You experience happiness now. You found the equivalent moment in the future in your happiness now.

The manifestations are not what bring us future happiness. It’s manifesting happiness now that brings us the future we desire.

Your future is already manifesting.

Be happy now!

Manifesting 123: and you don’t need 3


KEN ELLIOT is an American landscape artist, Law of Attraction expert & author and keynote speaker and presenter, running workshops all across the country on how to Manifest more of what you want into your life and it’s as simple as 1,2,3! With over 25 years of experience as an accomplished artist and manifesting remarkable events, experiences and objects into his life, Ken is also noted as a world class story teller, relaying astonishing stories of his students, friends and his own experiences. Visit for more info.

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