5 Greatest Treasures You Will Discover in Life

1. The greatest teachings cannot be taught.

Authors write about them in books, poets hint at them in poems, musicians express them through their songs but what they’re imparting to us are not the words but their experience. We are all students of life and we can only learn by going through it. The things that happen in and around us, including the people in our lives, come and go for a reason. The reason will make sense after the lessons have been learned. Only then will we begin to truly understand.

Words really do not teach. Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience.— Abraham Hicks

2. The greatest joy of being human is being alive.

We often think life is unfair, but on second thought, it is we who become unfair to life when we only look at the things we want to see and experience what we want to feel. Sickness, pain, and failure are also attributes of life that we fail to recognize because we turn blind and choose to be numb. Just as the weather changes its season, we can only fully experience life if we take the opportunity of being alive as an expression of who we are and what we feel.

3. The greatest moment in life is now.

Each passing moment is a revelation of life and the secret of happiness is always revealed to everyone. Most people can’t see it because they’re looking for things that are not there. Either they belong to the past or the future. If we can slow down and witness how life happens for us, then we can see that everything we need at any given moment is always there. If we can be happy with what’s there as they are, then how much more could we be with what life has yet to offer.

If we can realize that life is always happening FOR us, not to us… Game over, all the pain and suffering disappears. — Tony Robbins

4. The greatest song is the music inside you.

Wayne Dyer, a renowned author, once wrote a note to himself that shifted his way of living. It says, “Dear Wayne, don’t die with the music still in you.” We all came here with music that only we can play. It’s our purpose in life. But the world handed and taught us a different instrument that we end up playing a different piece of music. Then you will come to a point when what sounded right no longer sounds beautiful. Your heart knows what beautiful music is. It sings when you are aligned with your purpose. And when the heart sings, you hear life playing in perfect harmony.

5. The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.

Sounds familiar? The song was written by Linda Creed at the time she was dealing with her breast cancer. It made me realize, the sickness that once brought me shame, suffering and pain also taught me acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and love towards the person I least expected of receiving them — myself.

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