Hello there! Fred here, your friend and companion along The Path to Awesomeness.

Again, on behalf of Stephen Munson and the rest of the community,
thank you for being here. I personally welcome you to HEAL.

So, what is HEAL? You probably already have an idea what it’s about.
Stephen pretty much covered them in the intro.

And being a HEAL VIP (Very Important Passenger),
I wish to provide you a better glimpse of
what you can expect when you decide to join the ride.

Yup, It's a Ride to a BETTER YOU!

– a future that you and I can share with the rest of the world.

It’s what HEAL stands for...

Does it tick one or more of the boxes on your list?

And there’s so much more in store for you!

But before that, a quick backstory on how I discovered HEAL.
Because I’m working to build this platform to be an online healing center,
I enrolled in an online course to help me do it.

It so happened that in one assignment,
I needed to search for a company that offers anything –
products or services related to healing,
which I can partner with as an affiliate.

So I Googled “heal yourself + affiliate program,”
clicked on the first entry that popped up, read the article,
watched some clips on YouTube, read some more,
and before I knew it, I’m already on board, hah!

You know that feeling when you found something that pulls your heart?
That’s how I felt when I found HEAL.
I’m all about healing!

So, if you’re like me and you’re about HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE,
and lots of FUN along the way, then…

You’re in for an AWESOME ride with HEAL!

As much as it could sweep you off your feet, HEAL is not some hype stuff.
It’s been 5 years in the making! Stephen has built it from the ground up.
You’ll be inspired and you’re going to love how it all unfolded
before it officially launched in November 2019. See HEAL’s story here.
[ I stalked Stephen for an entire week! ]

That’s where and how I got to know a bit more about Stephen,
his vision for HEAL, and the mission it is set to accomplish.
It is truly something anyone would want to be a part of.

And the movement has just begun!

It could be the ride of your life,
that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

It’s here. It’s time to HEAL!

Before we go further, let’s take a quick tour of HEAL’s official website. Go, explore it yourself.

Check out the plant-based health products, the digital product suite
[ you might dig the I AM 21-Day Challenge like I do ],
the live events, the HEAL apparel [ I love the minimalist style! ],
plus more coming.

Physical Products

Digital Products

HEAL Apparel

If you followed HEAL’s story,
you’ll find that the health products are world-class,
backed by over 40 years of scientific research,
and proven by countless testimonies of healing

Here’s a short video presentation featuring HEAL’s partner,
APCO (Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co. Ltd.),
Dr. Pichaet and other experts in the field of what’s called Immunotherapy:

How would it feel knowing that by getting these products
into the hands of someone who needs it,
you become instrumental in the healing of that person?

That’s the business you’ll be involved in with HEAL – healing.

By business, it means more than profit.
One of HEAL’s values is “People Over Profit.”

Did you know that in its developing phase,
HEAL was primarily a non-profit organization providing shelter to a homeless family?

That says a lot about this community.
You know they’re in serious business of helping people…
while enjoying what they do!

And from what I’ve heard [ yeah, I’m still stalking Stephen ],
as of late, HEAL is building side-by-side a non-profit
educational organization for the less privileged kids. Hallelujah!

What if being a millionaire meant impacting a million lives?

And what if that also translates as millions of cha-ching???


Here's How:

Imagine and feel what it’s like to live the life of your dreams…

By becoming a HEAL VIP (Very Important Passenger),
Stephen will be your suitcase coach,
I will be your personal assistant [ and stalker ],
and the rest of the amazing HEAL community
will be your dream team to make your dreams come true.

Yup, We’ll Be a TEAM!

We will grow and learn together.
We will earn while we learn.
We will have fun while we earn.

We will HEAL as one!

When you sign-up, you will immediately be
given access to your personal dashboard.

"The Netflix of Healing"

Every Second. Every Minute. Every Hour. Every Day!

HEAL Mobile App

That’s a fully functional all-in-one health resource, remote 24/7 business on-the-go, and virtual online support from the community right at your fingertips.

ALL-STAR Training

Did I mention access to online training boot camp to get you started? Yep, from none other than the HEAL leaders themselves in various expertise.

With that, allow me to introduce the team
so you can hear it straight from them
as they welcome you to the HEAL family.

To your healing!


Frederick Espiritu